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  1. Does Anyone Own a Henry Long Ranger?

    Also look at Browning lever Pretty much the same as Henry
  2. Plenty of Striped Bass...

    Been in that position a few times fish breaking everywhere throwing everything in my bag at them and they won’t bite so frustrating.
  3. 2023 Turkey Season

    Mass season always seems late to me. Just a casual Turkey Hunter but. Seems like most action I see is few weeks before season.
  4. Rally for Gun Safety at MA State House

    I am all for gun safety but I bet their definition and mine of gun safety are very different
  5. WTB Lawn/garden tractor

  6. WTB Log splitter

  7. WTB Please delete

  8. LTC Required to enter gun shows?

    maybe we should require drivers licenses for all people going to car shows :p
  9. What are your Favorite 22lr Revolvers ?

    Curious And Relic 03 ffl worth it if you are into older guns Search C&R here and you will find the thread about how to get one
  10. What are your Favorite 22lr Revolvers ?

    Do you have a C&R ?
  11. What are your Favorite 22lr Revolvers ?

    Look at some of the older H&R or Iver Johnson top break 22’s pretty nice or older S&W’s
  12. Man busted for illegal hares from ME to Ma
  13. Bad electric

    How was the breakfast ?
  14. Missing Fitchburg Man's LTC Suspended

    So what did he do wrong ? 🙄
  15. Police shootout in Springfield leaves man dead; Use of force investigation underway, DA says

    I work down in that area it’s a S hole lot of shootings going on that never make the news
  16. WTS Remington gallery gun $300

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