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  1. Sleeping pad recommendations

    I like my Thermarest pad as far as the functionality of it and ease of use it’s just not enough padding for my not so old but seriously messed up back. The Exped mat isn’t self inflating but came with a inflating bag. It actually inflates pretty quickly with the bag. Only takes a couple mins. It...
  2. Sleeping pad recommendations

    Got the pad, seems very comfortable and a huge improvement over my Thermarest Prolite self inflating. Going to sleep on it tomorrow night. I was happily surprised it came with a inflation bag sense most others you have to buy one separately.
  3. I don't believe it.

  4. Sleeping pad recommendations

    I ordered an Exped xp7 insulated pad. Supposedly it’s rated to 1degree. I will post a review after I get and try it.
  5. I don't believe it.

    That some kind of Sh@@cago gang sign?
  6. Can you ID these guns?

    Is it the pic or do the last 3 rounds on the right look like aluminum cased 40? Nothing good comes from carrying 40
  7. Finding that woman that loves guns as much as you do...

    Who knew miss piggy was pro 2nd amendment
  8. What S&W 44 mag?

    Ya I own plenty of lock models and have shot them plenty with 0 problems. I prefer the look of the pre locks but is I want something and it happens to have a lock it certainly doesn’t influence me buying it.
  9. What S&W 44 mag?

    Sure, sure just when I think my mind is made up you have to come along and say something like that. Thanks [pot] lol
  10. What S&W 44 mag?

    Don’t think the thought isn’t already going through my head. I should sell my M&P 40c with all the hipsters and about the 5000rds of ammo I have for it. I haven’t shot it in years, hate the 40, but hate selling gunzzz even more.
  11. What S&W 44 mag?

    Ya I did put a WTB up yesterday I think. Like you said I give it a couple weeks or so. I did ride around a little yesterday and got a pretty good quote for either pretty close to me. $55 less then the lowest price I got anywhere else. Not on the shelf but 3 days away supposedly.
  12. Sleeping pad recommendations

    I have a Thermarest self inflating now but it’s only about 1.25 thick. My back is cooked so looking for some more padding too. Don’t really want to go with a foam z fold type pasd for size reasons. Even stowed on the outside of a pack they a big
  13. Sleeping pad recommendations

    Looking for a new sleeping pad. Something with more padding and R value than the Thermarest Prolite that I currently have. Slept out with my 6y/o son again and he is really starting to like it. Going to try a real camping trip soon. I would prefer to sleep in my hammock but he is still a little...
  14. What S&W 44 mag?

    I am not really recoil sensitive but now I am thinking about the other Airweights I have shot and have decided you are right. Even in 357 they do just eat your hands up. I don’t have a problem with the recoil but them literallychewing the webbing of your thumb up I do. I like shooting big stuff...
  15. After a lot of thought of what to build next.. Sten Gun build......

    You have inspired me... looking for parts kits now. Unfortunately most seem to be sold out right now. At least that I can find. I know absolutely nothing about them. Is the Mk5 a no no because of the pistol grip?
  16. What S&W 44 mag?

    Ya if I can’t find a 329 to shoot I am going with the 69. Probably going with the 69 either way but I would like to at least try a 329. I also got quoted a pretty good price on one Sat.
  17. What S&W 44 mag?

    Wow I didn’t realize the 329 was that much lighter. I must have miss read something but just double checked, 25oz. Use is going to be mostly just a shooter but I do plan to carry it if/ when I need a bear gun in the continental US. If I was going to Alaska I would get something bigger. It won’t...
  18. What S&W 44 mag?

    trying to decide between a mod 69 4.25”, 629 4”, or a 329pd... I am leaning towards the 327 or 69. Any insight? Don’t tell me buy a Ruger. I don’t want to hear it. I have owned both and prefer the S&W for a double action revolver. I do own a few Ruger single actions still but that’s besides the...
  19. DIY breakdown "backpacking" wood stove

    No complaints, most my work tools are now cordless Milwaukee. It has an electric brake, will take 5” wheels and has plenty of power with decent battery life. 4 of my batteries or 5ah ones they are 4 years old and still last just as long as the ones that are 6 months old. I really use a lot and...
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