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  1. Motorcycle permit.

    Granted I only rode for 5 years, but I never dropped my bike. Now it sits happily in my basement. Also, wearing all the protective gear made it substantially less enjoyable. Part of the reason I prefer the wrangler or mustang vert now.
  2. Any Military exceptions in Mass?

    Someone who serves 4 years of active duty as a personnel clerk in the US is a veteran, but a guardsman with 6+ months of active duty training plus additional months here and there in the field, and 2 week to 30 day partner training rotations OCONUS is not, even if they have more accrued days...
  3. Join the army. No guns for you.

    I lived in on base family housing in 2020-2021 — think a neighborhood of ranch style houses. We could have any of our guns with us in our house, we just had to register them with base PMO and have it endorsed by our command. It was no issue, even as a student. They also sold any gun you could...
  4. WATCH: Older Brother Opens Fire When Younger Brother Answers Door

    I think it comes down to people are people. My wife’s family has much more of a culture of writing people off vs my family which is more of a blood is thicker than water thing. I will say some people should certainly be kept at arms length, at best.
  5. Vault or secure room

    Valuables rider to the homeowners insurance
  6. Vault or secure room

    I’ve gone back and forth. Ultimately I just insured the guns. I do think I’ll come up with a more permanent solution at some point.
  7. Basic medical

  8. Moving out of state shipping question

    That’s what I did to and from AL. Still had movers, but drove with the doggos and wife and baby flew. Movers can just move your guns.
  9. The Exchange….or PX?

    Honestly the pricing is rarely better, in fact typically worse, than local retailers. There is no sales tax though, so there is that.
  10. VA benefits are in danger

    So someone who has been deemed worthy of 40-50k a year due to injuries/trauma sustained in combat should have that docked because they have found success DESPITE their trauma (or worse yet, their spouse has)? This also doesn’t account for long term planning taking into account a permanent...
  11. Who here does NOT edc?

    Most of the time I don’t. Work on a gov installation and if I’m not in work clothes I’m usually in gym clothes.
  12. Healy to lend voice.

    BeTtEr tHaN fAkEr
  13. What's The Best Round For A White Rhino ???

    Even in the light most favorable to these clowns — f*** em, they are in the wrong.
  14. Recommend a trauma kit

    If you’ve never had training, get that first. I have a kit for the house and the cars that is basically pressure dressings, TQs, chest seals, burn dressings, and sterile gauze/tape/ace bandages and splints. My EMT and TCCC is rusty at best, but my wife is a provider who regularly gets her hands...
  15. Low profile retention holster

    Hey all — looking for recommendations for a (fast shipping) retention holster for a P320/M17 that isn’t bulky as f***. I’m leaning towards the good old SERPA with the paddle in the back — but those are about as bulky as I want to get. I want a holster I can pull off without removing my belt, and...
  16. What is the "minimum gun" you feel adequate carrying?

    I dunno sounds like 1 for 1 — maybe you just need to train better
  17. What is the "minimum gun" you feel adequate carrying?

    What happened after you killed the first 5 guys? Had to run?
  18. Prince Harry gives up £50K rifle collection and hunting 'to please Meghan Markle'

    Why do we keep f***wits like this assclown around?
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