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  1. PRS Rimfire noob thread

    That was the first Target I shot after bore sighting and was planning around with the turrets. You're definitely right about me being part of the problem and not 100% ammo related though. Same with the bag. I tried a couple groups off a bag on the bench but honestly felt more stable using the...
  2. PRS Rimfire noob thread

    Thanks, center x is out of stock. Maybe I'll try some SK.
  3. PRS Rimfire noob thread

    So I finally got my 360 out to the range the other day to zero the scope. All I had was the Norma tac-22 ammo so I ran about 70 rounds through it and it went pretty well, only 2 failure to eject, extraction was ok but the cases didn't fully eject. The accuracy was ok but not great, the top spots...
  4. PRS Centerfire & Rimfire Schedules New England Region

    You don't need the LTC. You can transport across state lines, you just can't carry. Be mindful of mag capacity and other AWB rules though.
  5. PRS Rimfire noob thread

    I opened a box and it feels like there is a wax coating on the bullets. I guess I'll give it a try. I thought I read at some point that the voodoo chamber was designed around the lapua casings and some of the lower grade ammo has a tendency to have feeding/extraction issues. Same with Eley ammo...
  6. PRS Rimfire noob thread

    Do any of you guys that shoot Vudoo actions have any experience with the Norma tac-22 ammo? I found a brick in the back of the safe this morning and was thinking about using it to break in my new toy. I haven't shot it yet. Or should I just wait till I get my hands on some Lapua or other match ammo?
  7. PRS Rimfire noob thread

    Just finished watching this, looks pretty cool. I wish I had the time to travel to some of these matches. Night time shoot would be awesome. View:
  8. PRS Rimfire noob thread

    Even though it was out of stock I still bought it to lock in the sale price, they shipped one out seven or eight days later. I know it's not really necessary for a 22 LR but that's what I'm going to test it on first. I can always put it on another rifle down the road
  9. PRS Rimfire noob thread

    I would have jumped on a Steiner for the right price but by the time I found out it was too late. Nothing against vortex but for razor $ you're pretty close to German glass prices. The Cronus with a $350 instant rebate from an AD was a no brainier to me
  10. PRS Rimfire noob thread

    The fit and finish is clearly above the ares, unfortunately it's dark every day when I get home so I haven't had a chance to check out the glass. As soon as my barreled action clears NICS I'll have something to mount it to. I get delayed every time ☹️
  11. PRS Rimfire noob thread

    Was that a few weeks before black Friday? I know they had a huge vortex sale but by the time I found out it was over.
  12. PRS Rimfire noob thread

    Ya, aprs6. The aprs1 was in stock but I didn't like how the .2 mil subtensions stop after the first mil or 2, after that it only gives you 0.5 mil subtensions. I'm pumped because I have the gen 1 ares btr and was curious What the difference was between that and the cronus gen2. I'm happy to...
  13. PRS Rimfire noob thread

    I'm still waiting for half of my MDT black Friday stuff to ship, I'm gonna email them tonight. I did however score the Cronus BTR I wanted, Cameraland NY for the win. It was out of stock but they got me one and shipped it out free priority about a week after I placed my order.
  14. PRS Rimfire noob thread

    Holy sh*t, I didn't realize they honored a lot of those sales. I've dealt with them a few times and have had good experiences, the discount on mags alone is a good reason to spend some money this holiday. Hopefully they screw something up again this year and I can score a full system for a...
  15. PRS Rimfire noob thread

    I sat there for almost 2 hours waiting for the ready to check out icon to appear, I almost gave up but then bam! Order processed and I couldn't be happier.
  16. PRS Rimfire noob thread

    I put together a lss xl gen 2 with skeleton butt stock and folding adapter a year or 2 ago and everything was 40% off. Worth every penny. I could only find the blemish on the forend, the other parts I can't notice it to this day. I believe they warranty the blems the same as regular parts...
  17. PRS Rimfire noob thread

    that hide thread has been my black Friday guide for a few years now. I know I can get the low down on some good deals plus the entertainment value it provides when it eventually turns into the "how MDT ruined thanksgiving again" thread is priceless.
  18. PRS22 Rimfire Match @ Reading 10/2

    Are there any other clubs on the north shore you guys do these shoots at?
  19. PRS22 Rimfire Match @ Reading 10/2

    Do you have an idea of when the matches for next season will start? I'm looking forward to checking it out.
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