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  1. Motorcycle permit.

    Agreed with this. I've done about 50 track days and have learned much from those experiences. I almost failed my MSF course back in 2007 since I had a hard time with the figure 8 box.
  2. Motorcycle permit.

    I just got back from the Tail of The Dragon. Always a good time .
  3. Target Sports Delivering Again - Megathread

    The cheapest 9mm brass just got 4% cheaper. Now $220 before taxes shipped If you are a member. No reason to buy from my perspective but it was sitting at $230 for months and finally moved lower over weekend. How low will it go?
  4. Google Map of New England Gun Stores

    590 Summer St, Barre, MA 01005
  5. Google Map of New England Gun Stores

    Down Range in Barre is a great store for non-fudd guns. Think of it as " The Mill West"
  6. 2023 Massachusetts "Omnibus" gun bill

    All this is gonna do is create more panic buying at the Mill
  7. 2023 Massachusetts "Omnibus" gun bill

    F ucking wonderful
  8. Dealer Recommendation Needed for a Form 4 Transfer (Interstate)

    Not sure you are correct. He gets it transferred via a form 4 then the MA dealer does a 4473 to the OP. No fa10 needed since it isn't by definition a firearm in MA. Tell me illegal there
  9. Dealer Recommendation Needed for a Form 4 Transfer (Interstate)

    Unless it's maybe a gun that you can break up like an ar15 and the ffl isn't required to fa10 it since it isn't a firearm based on the definition in Massachusetts
  10. Another Scammer

    I Got scammed out of $150 a few months ago on still sour over it
  11. Ar9 lower

    I built 2 ar9 sbrs. At first I thought they were awesome, then I got into MPXs and APC9S.. haven't touched them in a few years
  12. California Handgun Roster Struck Down By Federal Court As Unconstitutional

    MA handgun registry has never stopped me from buying any handgun in Massachusetts. Just gotta know who to ask to do a 4473 for ya
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