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  1. Mass laws on making AKs/WASR-10s

    I don't get it, is this some kind of AI chatbot test?
  2. Mass laws on making AKs/WASR-10s

  3. It’s starting, and the Glob is behind it.

    Linsky is such a cuck
  4. Contact with Law Enforcement while concealed carrying question?

    Exactly right, concealing a handgun isn't rocket science. A little common sense goes a long way.
  5. Old second offense OUI vacated and dismissed

    Nice job Neil, I love hearing stories of good attorneys doing right by their client and fighting for their rights when others choose to take advantage and ignore them. I've been there before and speak from experience that a good lawyer is worth every penny you pay. You DO NOT want that first...
  6. How much trouble would I be in? Forgot my license at home.

    As long as you remind the cop when you get pulled over that you know you're rights and your taxes pay his salary you should be all set. Shuts them down everytime.
  7. P365x

    No, the slide is not "non MA compliant". I'll bet you $100 who ever told you that breathes through their mouth and slurps their soup. If they carry a .40 I want another $100
  8. FFL for transfer North of Boston

    I wasn't aware of an FFL in Danvers, is there a new shop I haven't heard of yet?
  9. FFL for transfer North of Boston

    The only shops I've dealt with on the northshore and had positive experiences with are northeast arms in Peabody and patriot arms in Ipswich.
  10. Can I concealed carry antique weapons without an LTC (or with a restricted LTC)?

    Ya, risk vs reward scale on this one is leaning pretty heavy one way and it's not reward.
  11. Can I concealed carry antique weapons without an LTC (or with a restricted LTC)?

    Nice, now all you need is a good appendix holster, what's the worst that could happen?
  12. Can I concealed carry antique weapons without an LTC (or with a restricted LTC)?

    Then my advise would be to just wait, get your LTC when your 21. If you get jammed up carrying around some crappy old antique gun you could run the risk of being deemed unsuitable when the time comes to apply for the LTC. Not worth it in my opinion
  13. Can I concealed carry antique weapons without an LTC (or with a restricted LTC)?

    Not trying to make any assumptions, but if your FID card is because you had a LTC revoked or denied then that would probably make your question easier to answer.
  14. IWI X95. Does it have a pistol grip (from the AWB standpoint) or does it not?

    Griffin M4SD "linear compensator" pinned and welded. Can confirm no issues with forend removal. You also get the ability for a qd suppressor if that matters to you. As mentioned above just make sure the diameter is equal to or less than the A2 it came with.
  15. Mossberg 590 MA legal

    To hell with it, I think I'm going to just stop doing what I think I should and just do what I feel like, it's so much easier. It's too bad there wasn't somebody out there who wrote to the MSP and then got a response they could share, that would be super helpful.
  16. Mossberg 590 MA legal

    That's funny, mine said the exact opposite. Had a look on his face like "why wouldn't you?"
  17. Mossberg 590 MA legal

    No one knows, I think the standard approach is to use 2 3/4" as the general guideline for capacity. Mini shells didn't exist when they wrote this horse sh*t.
  18. Mossberg 590 MA legal

    I don't think it is but what the hell do I know. A tube is not removable like a mag, box, drum or feed strip. The fact that they include the term "or similar" is what screws us over. Who decides what similar means? Now here's one for the hive, how do we feel about a Nordic +2 extension on a 1301...
  19. Mossberg 590 MA legal

    Not sure, your best bet is to call your local PD and ask them.
  20. Duty to notify officer that you're carrying when stopped by an officer of the law.

    As long as you follow vodas advice you'll be ok. and as a side note, if you're going to make YouTube videos make sure there's airplanes flying overhead at the same time. I have spoken. View:
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