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  1. Daughter wants to buy bolt action for her soon to be husband

    In Montana, I'd go for a 6.5 Creedmoor or 7mm mag over the 308. Both are fairly common, though 308 is certainly more common and cheaper. Since you mention reloading I'm guessing factory ammo cost isn't going to be a huge factor.
  2. Need help identifying old guns

    Kommer model 2 Colt Official Police Stevens favorite?
  3. Remeber or Have Your First Milsurp?

    VZ24 I got at Woolworths.
  4. Smith and Wesson 438 Revolver Shoots Low and Left

    An alloy j-frame will humble the best shooter. What I did to improve my shooting with my 638: -Paint the front sight orange so I could see it. -Dry fire 10 or more rounds at the target for every 5 rounds of ammo -Swap out the hard plastic stock grips for something soft and rubbery.
  5. Hickok45 is dead

    I was just wondering why I never visit NES I remember.
  6. Forum Transition FAQ / Guide

    Thanks for this. I spent 10 minutes trying to figure out how to send a PM before finding this FAQ.
  7. AMZN buying WFM

    I don't live in the city, but yes, Amazon marked white vans deliver to me. The drivers park in the middle of the street and chuck packages in the general direction of the front door. By the looks of some of them I wonder if Amazon gets tax credits for hiring from prisoner release programs.
  8. First gun for a 10 year old

    I'd go with a 22 bolt action. My father gave me a pellet gun when I was a kid. I suppose because it wasn't a firearm he let me use it unsupervised, resulting me doing an awful lot of stupid shit with it. It's only thanks to dumb luck that I still have both eyes. Get him a 22 rifle, and only let...
  9. AMZN buying WFM

    Judging from the quality of packaging and the thugs I see dropping off my packages, I am very hesitant to trust an Amazon employee to pick out my meat and produce.
  10. MA Non-DFG Lands

    You need to look up and see what the lands are. Some state forests are huntable and others are not. Ditto for federal lands. Unfortunately there isn't a single viewer, that I'm aware of, that shows you every legal hunting area in the state.
  11. Tell me about .38 Super

    Standard factory 38 Super is pretty close to +P 9mm Luger in performance. If loaded hot (38 super +P) it can approach 357 Sig performances. Really there was no need for the 357 Sig, and it's silly necked down case, since the 38 super +P was around for years (I say that sort of tongue in cheek as...
  12. Are Australia's gun laws the solution for the US?

    Yep, the left never mention Brazil or Mexico's strict gun laws as positive examples of gun control. They also never mention the Switzerland or he Czech republic which have high rates of gun ownership and low murder rates. Of course the last thing they want to do is address the real problems. If...
  13. New Colt Cobra vs. ???

    Alloy revolvers are nice because they are so light. If I'm going to carry something that weight I'll just carry a Glock 23.
  14. New Colt Cobra vs. ???

    Well that sucks. The original was alloy and only weight 15-16oz. If your talking about a steel frame revolver, then there are a lot of Smiths to consider including the current snub model 66, or a used 65, 13, 10, 64, 15 etc etc.
  15. Linsky after bump stocks AND pre ban mags !!!!!!!!!

    Left Jason Lewis a voice mail which I fully expect will be ignored. On the plus side, it did remind me to make a tax deductible donation to Comm2a.
  16. Best Striker-Fired Handgun and Why?

    If you want standard cap mags in MA there is really only one choice: Glock. Plus they come with decent triggers.
  17. New Colt Cobra vs. ???

    If you want a new six shot alloy frame revolver, the Colt Cobra is the one to get get. On the used market you could also look for a S&W model 12, though they have a reputation for frame cracking issues. No doubt a new model 12 with better modern alloys (and no lock) would sell like hot cakes...
  18. EOPS List 9-2017

    I handled a 9mm competition model. Very nice compared to a couple of older 1911's I've owned (Colt and SA). Very tight with a very good trigger and positive, but not overly heavy, safety. I just don't care for the utilitarian finish and so I'm looking for a national match version for myself.
  19. 1940 Terni M38 Carbine completes the WW2 Collection

    Nice collection. I have to say any fan of bolt rifles would appreciate a MAS-36. It's very French, and marvel of bizarre engineering. Plus, while I love Mausers the most, but my aging eyes do appreciate a peep site.
  20. EOPS List 9-2017

    Different sights and finish for sure. I handle a competition model at lunch and it seem very crisp and nice, but I prefer the classic bluing and sights on the National Match myself. Any shops on the North Shore have them in stock yet?
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