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  1. Salem Man Sentenced For Unlawful Possession of Machine Guns - Oh, And Also Wanting To Start a Race War loves solving pre-crime before it happens. At least for those that don't trust the government. Which makes more of us not trust the government.
  2. 2023 Fishing thread

    Forward mounted FLIR, or....?
  3. Active Shooter at the Prep

    You just reminded me of Jenn. I sat next her in 8th grade. She liked to wear sweaters with no bra underneath and they were amazing.... Excuse me I have to go now.
  4. Active Shooter at the Prep

    Danvers Strong!
  5. Do I have an HVAC issue or an electrical issue ?

    But it was heating fine? Or maybe OP has forced hot water heat?
  6. Registering a new trailer in Ma.

    I'd like to see the cite also. Agree, the police don't want to waste their time with trailers. Seems asinine that one guy with his truck registered in Mass would be violating the law by towing his buddy's trailer registered in another state. But, it's mAss for a reason.
  7. Memphis Grizzlies Suspend Ja Morant After a Second Gun Video Surfaces

    It's only cultural appropriation or racism when white non-liberals do it. But Ja is a nickname based on his middle name Jamel. The worst part is he grew up in the same small town in North Carolina as Ray Allen, and was raised with his siblings and parents. This stuff really makes him look...
  8. WaPo: Why do Americans want guns? It comes down to one word.

    I thought "whitesupremacy" was two words.
  9. Plenty of Striped Bass...

    I'm was referring to draggers...I should have been more specific.
  10. JetBlue jetblows flying with firearm from BOS

    Back in the 90s you could carry on folding knives as long as they were less than 2.5 or 3 inches (can't remember which). I had to give up my Leatherman on a return flight because it was over the limit and I forget to check it. Not a happy day.
  11. What finish do you prefer on your revolvers?

    No option for case hardened?
  12. Anyone ID this mushroom 🍄

    Found this today...
  13. Man shot teen girl playing hide-and-seek on his property, police say

    What's this "our side"? Do you have a mouse in your pocket? 😁
  14. Vermont passes law to make paramilitary training camps illegal.

    The FBI isn't happy about this law.
  15. Plenty of Striped Bass...

    I was referring to the damage draggers do, not commercial striper guys although I think what sizes they can keep should be on the table to preserve the best breeders, if it's necessary. I also understand not trusting the people making these decisions because they aren't always competent...
  16. Holden's Tom O'Shea picked to lead Mass. Department of Fish and Game

    We need the herd thinned, but that ain't happening because lame hunting laws. Deer thrive in suburbia.
  17. Bevis v. Naperville and the State of Illinois

    Didn't find mention of this in a keyword search... Justice Barrett has Here is the question in Bevis v. Naperville and the State of Illinois, No. 22A948:
  18. Holden's Tom O'Shea picked to lead Mass. Department of Fish and Game

    My impression is that CT has more reasonable laws for bow hunting in neighborhoods for that reason... But I'm not sure.
  19. Plenty of Striped Bass...

    Well, drugs shouldn't be illegal, so....
  20. Plenty of Striped Bass...

    I hope it helps... Need to do something about commercial boats catching all the bait and ground fish also.
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