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  1. 10 mm Comparison

    Thanks. My can has the option of long or short configuration.
  2. 10 mm Comparison

    How is suppression of 10mm? It’s not subsonic. I have a can that will work up to .45 so may try. Will need a threaded barrel though. Maybe try a 220 again.
  3. 10 mm Comparison

    Just like any other comparison, it is super objective. There are obviously differences in build quality, but what fits your hand best and shoots best is entirely subjective. I didn’t care much for the G20. The G29 worked much better for me personally. The CZ-EAA design works best for me. The...
  4. New Safe going in, need accessory advice

    I recommend the Peet safe dehumidifier. It takes up way less room than a golden rod. As to security, I think you’re better off with a security cam in your gun room and insurance. Will alert you if someone is in the room before they start working on your safe. Folks are right that a professional...
  5. This at my local gun shop

    See the hand sanitizer on the counter? That’s because so many people fondle that firearm.
  6. Laws and carrying to MA islands

    This fellow approves.
  7. RI bans icky black guns, and goes for unsafe storage.

    Certainly in Bruen-related defense costs.
  8. My new cleaning case

    And it is the best part of waking up…
  9. anyone get a robo-call for ffls?

    Do Not Disturb.
  10. 1986 FBI Miami shootout recreation vid

    Maybe noted above, but one takeaway by the FBI was that it would not in the future seek to engage in close quarter shootouts around vehicles and would would not engage in the tactic of using chase cars to ram/force a target vehicle off the road. It concluded that close quarter combat around...
  11. San Francisco details criteria for CCW - and it's unreal

    And the permit is only good for the candidate you want to vote for.
  12. Glock 28 finally hitting state side

    I can imagine the fun that will ensue when someone who has a 28 decides to move to the 29 because, hey, it's just one additional whole number away...
  13. California Handgun Roster Struck Down By Federal Court As Unconstitutional

    You are right. I was just saying that if the court looked at this under Bruen, I don’t see it surviving. It is sad that there are just so many laws that violate 2A.
  14. California Handgun Roster Struck Down By Federal Court As Unconstitutional

    How would SCOTUS uphold any of that? None of it is consistent with the history and tradition of firearm regulation in the US. Assumes SCOTUS sticks to the Bruen analysis.
  15. What serial number should I use?

    Also, 9 Luger or 9 Parabellum or 9 Para Seen all of these on slides before.
  16. What serial number should I use?

    Musk would go with 420 !!
  17. What serial number should I use?

    9mm = modern 9 x 19 = classic Depends on the look.
  18. Review of Cajun Gun Works - CZ experts

    I’m looking to pick up a CGW p-01 omega. Not in stock currently.
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