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  1. Hammock Camping Thread

    Ive made these bowl structures before. Not for a hammock but for a tarp. They'll hold a lot of weight for sure, you're right about the staking. Getting a good anchor in sand can be hard. Here's how mine is setup today
  2. Hammock Camping Thread

    I've been using the trucker's hitch. Tree straps to 6mm utility cord to trucker's hitch to one belay ring lashed to each end of the hammock. View: Always use treestraps, cutting a ring in tree bark will kill the tree.
  3. First 1911

    nice choice!
  4. Inherited firearms transport?

    Came to post exactly this. Discretion is your friend. Also, sorry for you loss.
  5. See? Gun owners are paranoid white guys.

    Friend of mine works for the county jail here in bourbon, a Hispanic guy. He said he was never racist until his second day on the job. I can't even tell that story here it's so awful.
  6. Glock 50 GI - Who knew?

    Same pressure as .45 in overpriced .50 brass
  7. Glock 50 GI - Who knew?

    10mm does everything better. If you want a 10mm glock conversion there's 460 rowland
  8. Ron Paul Weekly Column: Gun Control Debate Ignores the Real Problems

    Naw dog. All it will take is a false flag implicating one of these rural sheriffs that are standing up against the fed agencies to get popular support.
  9. H&K's turn to go woke ???

    We're in interesting times, we get to see first hand how leftism always regresses. Give these blue haired freaks more power and next thing you know women will lose their right to vote and we'll make slavery legal again.
  10. Keep being prompted to log in

    What browser you running? Are you visiting in a private tab? You might need to delete your cookies, browser cache, and site data.
  11. H&K's turn to go woke ???

    Kill Kill Marry f***
  12. H&K's turn to go woke ???

    That's a woman, but the pic on the right looks like she's fresh off a blast of trenbolone. That's pretty much the same bf% as me. She sacrificed her tits for gainz.
  13. Shoveltown Guns - New Gun Store?

    That was the best shop. I used to just chill on the couch and make fun of peoples' purchases after they left.
  14. See? Gun owners are paranoid white guys.

    Crossing the street to avoid a homeless person that gives you the creeps isn't paranoid. It's wise.
  15. See? Gun owners are paranoid white guys.

    So self-preservation is paranoia? OP loves to post propaganda with no comment.
  16. WaPo. Gun Control is winning.

    Bezos is a pedo and so are his (((journalists)))
  17. Mom's

    1/3rd of Americans are legally retarded, and most of the rest don't have the capacity to mentally model complex problems. OFC they consume mainstream ideas. They're programmed to consume everything else in front of them. The key is to break people free from The Great Lie.
  18. Fenix Ammunition once again

    It's investment grade. Gonna sell on the black market after president Harris bans all guns in 2030.
  19. Fenix Ammunition once again

    Awesome! Just bought 1k rounds of 5.56 just because of this
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