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  1. Any Feds here?

    I am a Fed, can't speak for all agencies, but my particular facility has a process for both employees and visitors to "check in" firearms. Would recommend you call your specific agency/building to confirm SOP.
  2. New Acquisitions Thread February 2023

    Ptr 32 kfr
  3. Looking for a club

    Try Brainteee. I live just north of Boston and make the drive there often. Not a bad drive, pretty chill range and rules are "normal".
  4. FFL required I buy lock for transfer

    They did the same to me a few years back (same store). had standard cable lock in my back pocket. Sales guy said I needed to get a lock, showed him mine. He then gave me a very pacular look, reduced his volume of speech and proceeded to ring me out without purchasing a lock until an older guy...
  5. 3 inch revolver for ccw?

    I CCW a 3" LCR. Super light
  6. Braintree Rifle and Pistol Club

    I would say yes.
  7. It's 2022 - anyone still carrying a revolver?

    LCR 3" Just picked up a 642 as well, will add to the rotation
  8. Henry Repeating Arms Recall, H015-series single shot

    Wow, Ty for posting, otherwise I would not have seen this!
  9. Braintree Rifle and Pistol Club

    Any Idea on when New Member Orientation will start back up?
  10. MA Towns Suspending Licensing?

    Anyone live in a town that suspended their new application process but started back up recently??? Friend of mine who lives in Medford tried to apply back in Feb and they literally stopped the same week. Gave some lame excuse about how they will start up again once Gov Baker allows them to...
  11. Gun Club closure megathread

    Wonder if they fixed/replaced the steel plates at the pistol range. last time i was there (1 week before close) they were all taken down
  12. Phase 1 of Massachusetts Reopen Plan Includes Shooting Ranges

    This too is how i read it. Obviously they should post up some limitation on how many people allowed in the store at a time to keep up with general Covid Guidelines. Personally Ive held off going to the gun store cuz I don't actually have a desire to buy a gun at this time. Just want to browse...
  13. Gun Club closure megathread

    Thats How i read it as well, so only the: All businesses are required to follow Mandatory Workplace Safety Standards and Sector specific safety protocols and best practices would apply?
  14. Gun Club closure megathread

  15. Gunsmith Around Boston? Need help with Ruger MK III

    If you carefully watched the youtube vids and still dont get it. Just wait until ranges open up and just sit there scratching your head. someone will help you. Used to have an MIII. took it apart a handful of times. Forgot how to reassemble every time.
  16. Range Bag Recomendations

    View: got this one LY, love it!
  17. Recommendation for pistol oriented clubs

    Hit me up if you ever want to check it out
  18. New Bedford LTC Application Process

    Ugh. I miss-read your original post. Well on the bright side.... even if you had your LTC, no one is open to sell a gun or ammo. Nor could u sign up to a club to shoot. I belong to two clubs, and they are both closed. Though I did just played dumb and went to one and shot today, surprisingly I...
  19. New Bedford LTC Application Process

    I would say just feel lucky you had your interview prior this pandemic (in a sense) A good friend of mine applied in Feb and later that month, Medford (town they live in) stated they have practically Stopped processing new applications. :(
  20. how many round do you pack when conceal carry? [NOT GAY]

    25 when Im out for a few hours, 10-15 every other time.
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