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  1. Salem Man Sentenced For Unlawful Possession of Machine Guns - Oh, And Also Wanting To Start a Race War

    He was going to cut in on the government's attempt to start a race war. Can't have that.
  2. What should I get in Maine?

    Best thing you can possibly get is a DEED to a new house that isn't in the Communist Republic of MA. Seriously though, don't get anything stupid or illegal (at least in this state) Hi Maura!
  3. 650 problem

    You might want to take the shellplate off and visually check the bottom of it to make sure nothing is funky.
  4. Small/Large Pistol Primer Price

    why are you expecting any law(s) concerning guns, ammo, shipping of said items, etc etc to make any sense?
  5. Anyone know where to get Unicorn Droppings (primers) for non ass rape pricing?

    AR is currently stocked; $0 ship & haz
  6. U-Haul attack near White House

    He must have had an order of ammonium nitrate to pick up for the house party he's planning.
  7. U-Haul attack near White House

    if they had, all the Feds would have poured out. Maybe that pallet of nazi flags ordered from FJB's buddies in CN.
  8. U-Haul attack near White House

    it was some parent moving their devil spawn into freshman dorm. Made a wrong turn on Storrow.
  9. Looking for holster suggestions

    I just got a Wilderness LoPro 5stitch EDC belt and I love the slim buckle and velcro. Just the thing when a heavy Kore is a bit much (ala summer).
  10. WTS APC Netbotz 200 environment/rack monitor

    NIB APC Netbotz 200 along w/ all cables and 1 T/H sensor. $250 F2F cash in Littleton area Features Environmental monitoring: Prevent equipment failure from a full range of threatening environmental conditions. Fault notification: Real-time event notification minimizes response times to...
  11. "Supposed" 30% Alliant Powder Increases Inbound

    Glad now that I got that 8# of SportPistol for $170
  12. Open Carry

    if possessed bile from a thicker fabric WTF? :D
  13. Littleton Residents - Vote at Town Meeting 2/15/2023

    Because they 'resolve' to different internet addresses. Hover over the first and you'll see it's not the same as the second.
  14. Meat Porn (Brisket) Slow Cooking Rules!

    This might be helpful.
  15. Reset trigger accessory for dry fire??

    these work pretty well if you dont want to pick/load dummy rounds. Or you can get/use/test a DA/SA type pistol View:
  16. Acton townwide ban on agenda for May 1 2023

    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ what the result of last night was (couldn't attend) but $20 says 'bylaw passed'
  17. Acton townwide ban on agenda for May 1 2023

    I question the need for it in a small town police force. Maybe they do but what I didn't hear was anything like a cost/benefit analysis, how many times in the last <N> years would it have been used (made a difference in a case) etc etc.
  18. Acton townwide ban on agenda for May 1 2023

    To their credit, they were REALLY interested in making sure the cobalt for the mandated electric town vehicles was ethically sourced. </sarc> No mention of the Chinese or the Ugyhur's though Nor did they have any issue w/ 100K to purchase cop-cams with 60% (60K) MAINTENANCE EVERY YEAR. Just...
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