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  1. Recommend a trauma kit

    Lol. Beat by a minute
  2. Recommend a trauma kit

    There will be a Trauma first aid class 3/19 at the New Bedford Rod and Gun Club. @KnobCreek
  3. MA Gun Registration

    He wasn't sure if he registered a lower that he completed or not. He ended up filling it out again to be sure. No guns were lost or stolen.
  4. AR-15 Purchase (legal) question

    Sometimes friends ask their friends questions that they don't know the answer to. Then we go ask the place we know has the answer. Sometimes that's all it really is.
  5. AR-15 Purchase (legal) question

    In before "Is your "friends" name Maura?"
  6. MSP Black Hot
  7. MA Gun Registration

    Thank you all for the responses.
  8. MA Gun Registration

    Lol. No. I was expecting that.
  9. MA Gun Registration

    A friend is doing an audit of his firearm collection. Is there a way for him to find all his guns in the MA registry?
  10. Which Knot is the Knotiest?

    Balloon knot.
  11. .

    I'm not going to let this thread go to waste... NSFW
  12. Deals and steals

    P80 site is back up
  13. LaRue Ultimate Upper Kit?

    14.5 ordered 3/23 Received 4/17 No Dillo and No Dillo Dust...😠🤷‍♂️
  14. PSA: iS It pRe HEaLY?

    So will the next A.G. have to do their own press conference to announce their interpretation of the law that hasn't changed?
  15. Collapsable stock?

    Someone needs to market an expandable stock. [troll]
  16. ATF eForm 1 mega thread. Process and approvals!

    You will need to order the fingerprint cards through the ATF. Ask for 10, they are free and you'll need a few extra. Do a few and pick the best ones. You need to send in 2. Mine weren't perfect and they were accepted. Also, look for an ink pad specific for fingerprints. I think I may have...
  17. ATF eForm 1 mega thread. Process and approvals!

    E-Form 1 SBR Submitted: 3/1 Approved: 3/24
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