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  1. WTT Guns Honda Minitrail for side by side

    Looking to trade gun collection for a side by side. Polaris RZR or similar. Polaris Ace also. Will consider Honda Pilot or Osyssey. Have nice original 71 Honda Minitrail to add for right deal. Not interested in selling outright. Send pic and description of trade and I will do same to...
  2. Foxboro Gun Show April 2 & 3

    Is show still open?
  3. New gun store:commonwealth firearms somerset ma

    I stopped in there Fri and thought there was a pretty good selection. The guy working there was prob late 20's. He was watching tv with his buddy when I walked in. I was looking in the display cases then they came over and the guy pulled a gun out of the case and just started firing in the air...
  4. Astra 44 mag

    A little on the cost. I paid $350 from Hunters Trading Post. I don't shoot much especially the 44mag so I don't want to spend alot on that particular gun and I like off brands that you don't come across often. It was a good gun. Only thing was the screws on the grips would loosen every few times...
  5. Astra 44 mag

    3 years ago I traded my Astra 44 mag with a 6in barell in on a Virginia Dragoon with 8-1/2in barell to Collectors Firearms. The gun never functioned properly so they gave me my money back no prob (they were exc as I didnt shoot it for 3mos after I bought it) They had sold the Astra at the...
  6. Difference between a Colt Match Target and a Target model

    What is the difference (if any) in the Colt Match Target rifles. I see some that are Target Models and some that are just Match Target. Thanks
  7. Colt Match Target rifle opinions

    Thanks for all the replies. I am not looking to shoot competitively just take it to the range a few times a yr. I like shooting at the 100yrd target. I think it is from the late 1990's.
  8. Colt Match Target rifle opinions

    Thanks for the replies
  9. Colt Match Target rifle opinions

    I am looking at buying a Colt Match Target rifle. Not familiar with one but a co worker of mine says Colt does not make a good AR. Said he had one and would only shoot certain ammo and would jam if not kept very clean. Any opinions from owners is appreciated. I like the look and feel of it but...
  10. WTS NOS HONDA YAMAHA jackets jerseys

  11. WTS 8 lug aluminum Hurricane or Turbine rims

  12. WTS Black leather motorcycle jacket XXL

    $40 or trade for magnetic tank bag or box ammo
  13. WTS Vintage games: Mattell Football 2 Atari 2600

    $25 or trade for box ammo
  14. WTS 1979 Schwinn Mag Scrambler

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