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  1. Gun Boom Continues: FBI Ran 192,749 Background Checks on Black Friday

    But how many fully semi-autos where sold?
  2. Stolen Augusta (ME) Police Cruiser Was Unlocked And Running With AR-15 Inside

    Strip the gun of all parts then cut the lower into three pieces
  3. Still think there's no mandatory minimum?

    When I saw the picture my first thought was he was bent over because he was about to get screwed
  4. What Plant Is This From?

    I think it fell off Miss Teen Derry's bush
  5. Happy 10/22

    Just to piss off Bill Ruger I will take the ac556 and a couple of factory 30 round mags.
  6. Maybe just a wee bit too much powder - Boom!

    Ruger investment cast crap
  7. LCR Range Report 22lr - trouble with extraction

    Aguila is Spanish for crap
  8. ain't it a bitch when

    You gave it to Gerry
  9. Gabby Giffords’ Gun Control Groups Ask Major Credit Cards to Flag Gun, Ammo Purchases

    Nice to see the new 89,000 IRS agents have started their training
  10. To many Camp Lejeune commercials

    I now have Camp LeJeune add PTSD from all the adds !
  11. Marlboro: Sept 24 & 25

    Is it too early to stop bathing ?
  12. Sinker recommendations

    I can't afford a boat so I use a small handgun.
  13. 1930's Home Made Handgun - Never underestimate bored people from the olden days......

    National Firearms Act of 1934 classified smooth bore pistols as Any other weapon. Rate of tax 5$. I know this to be true because I have two smooth bore pistols that transferred to me on form fours from a class three dealer. Next time do a little research before you open your mouth
  14. Desert Eagle 44. Unique rifling???

    Some early HK 91s had it before Glock
  15. Georgia assistant district attorney accidentally shoots himself inside courtroom

    Maybe if all lawyers shot themselves, they would being doing the rest of us a favor
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