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  1. Motorcycle permit.

    Yup, that is my go-to SMIDSY move. You'd be amazed at how the drivers texters head would pop up, suddenly realizing that there is a motorcycle coming at them.
  2. Motorcycle permit.

    It absolutely was, however it still didn't prevent me from crashing. [sad] Sometimes $hi!t just happens and there is nothing you can do about it. I got my first motorcycle 44 years ago and the advanced class taught me things I hadn't realized and definitely made me a better/safer rider. If...
  3. Another Smith another return

    Cripes! Tat thing looks like it is made of plastic!
  4. Another scary AR15 story

    I'm pretty sure you misunderstood what Rob typed.
  5. Black powder build

    I read the title correctly even though it was typed incorrectly :p
  6. MSNBC: We should be able to sue gun-makers — even when their guns work as designed

    Aint nobody clicking THAT shit. [laugh2] I hope!
  7. New Shop Opening Saturday in Sutton, MA - Founding Fathers Tactical and Shooting Supplies

    I knew, I travel by Skip's outdoor twice a day. Now I have a second place to stop.
  8. Any Feds here?

    Postponed again..
  9. Any Feds here?

    Federal building? Just leave it locked up at home or in your vehicle. I raised a few bobby's eyebrows when my pocket knife made the metal detector going into Westminster beep. I hadn't thought about it and this was MANY years ago. They took it and put it in a drawer, saying I could get it back...
  10. ATTENTION: All Hopkinton MA residents - Anti Gun Range Vote May 1st

    Boost. I hope every freedom loving Hopkinton resident sees this and attends. In reality, since the town meeting article is in direct contravention of MGL 214 SS 7B, it will cost the TOWN OF HOPKINTON a bunch of money if enough stupid sheep foolishly vote for this on the first. If you are a...
  11. the future of handguns is finally here.

    Ya, I thought it said Garrison as well...........
  12. Sporting Clays

    Robin hollow @ Aidiville farm East in northern RI. Web search for details
  13. Make a Wish Foundation Darwin Award: Winner Atlanta

    Says it happened in Atlanta (Dekalb county) 1/30/2023. NO follow-up story that I can find anywhere. Probably back at Mama's place "turning his life around."
  14. What serial number should I use?

    You know I'd be down for it.
  15. What serial number should I use?

    I'm pretty sure that you do because you were the inspiration for this build many years ago. 😉😁 It was funny watching the clerk at the long defunct gun store trying to find the S/N on this when it was a bare frame to fill out the 4473. He wouldn't believe me for a while.....
  16. Identify this casing?

    You are spot on Sean. Finally "brass" that I can pick up with a magnet! Woohoo!
  17. Holyoke PD Switching From .45's Back To 9mm's

    Heck they'd barely need a cleaning at that point other than holster lint.
  18. Identify this casing?

    Paging Anchor! :D Now how about this thing? Real bullet but appears to be a bi-metal case. Google search came up empty for me.
  19. No Colts on MA roster?

    Shipped? No that is a horse of a different color. We all assumed he was brining it here himself. (based on the correct answers given)
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