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  1. Licensing question

    This is your protection when you go to renew and they say "you never notified us." With out the return receipts you have no proof you did summit the change of address.
  2. MA Cannon license

    I’m in
  3. What’s the worst that could happen if I fire up my wood stove that hasn’t been cleaned or inspected?

    Get a chimney sweep to look and clean the flue, cheap money. Don’t mess with it.
  4. Gun ownership rate by town in MA

    The statistics professor who taught the course I took in college said this in his opening remarks in the first lecture. “Using Statistics is the easiest way to lie.” That was in 1978, I still pay heed to that advice.
  5. New Gun Shop in Hopedale, MA.

    Owned by Mike-Mike
  6. G19 Gen 3 lower parts kit, suggestions

    just starting to assemble parts, any input on which to avoid would be helpful. just going to be a range firearm.
  7. Gold and silver prices are down

    with spot around $19.03, junk silver 90% silver roughly 15 times face for a ball park number. If you don't need to turn it into cash wait for silver to go up.
  8. P3AT. What is close in weight and size?

    I just picked up a used P3AT to pocket carry when I'm wearing a suit or a tuxedo. Ran some magazines of Critical Defense, went bang ever time, no FTF, no FTE no fail to anything. I won't be taking it to the range for a day of fun, but that is not its' purpose. I normally pocket carry a LCR...
  9. H5163 signed by Baker

    Now that Baker signed H5163 when does it take effect?
  10. Katz Deli NYC

    I grew up on Long Island, first job in high school was a bagel baker when bagels cost .14 cents each. First went to Katz’s in the 1980’s and ordered shipped last year. Well worth it. The whole menu is good. The knishes are out of this world and the pastrami is hard to top.
  11. Non CCL holder as Visitor at a Range

    Just go with, nothing is legal in MA!
  12. Gold and silver prices are down

    I've seen dealers do both. Really depends on the amount of the transaction.
  13. Need Westchester County NY handgun buying info…

    I grew up on Long Island had rifles and shotguns, no permits then. 1970's, who knows what is the deal now. After college ended up living in New Rochelle for a period of time. Looked into the handgun permit, as described, buy gun add to application and wait, also needed letters from two people...
  14. Gold and silver prices are down

    Two shows coming up in July 2022. buy in person, many dealers to choose from. Monthly Nashua, NH show July 17 Nashua NH Monthly Coin Show – EBW Promotions, LLC Bay State Coin Show Marlborough, MA July 29 and 30 Bay State Coin Show . . . . Marlborough, Massachusetts
  15. Tsongas Arena Security Fail

    I used to do armed and unarmed security part time. Several years ago I picked a one day gig at the Crane Estate for a classic music concert. They paid for security to wand everyone entering. Never worked with any of the other guys no clue to their background. I had just finished teaching a...
  16. One Tough Dentist A story of courage all Americans should know.

    My Uncle was the first KIA 18 June 1944 on Saipan from Company G 105th Infantry Regiment, 27th Infantry Division. There were several MOH awarded to the 27th in the Saipan Campaign. Good read is this book, I found out my Uncle was killed by friendly fire and he is mentioned by name in the book...
  17. Only dealers can ship firearms via FedEx now??

    The amount of coin and precious metals shipments that are stolen is insane as well.
  18. Gold and silver prices are down
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