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  1. Colt Match Target rifle opinions

    I know this answer is probably not relevant to you, but I would strongly suggest building your own from the stripped lower on up. Gets you more familiar with the rifle and ensures you get exactly what you want. You could build a decent rifle for $900. Not only that, but I found the process to...
  2. Ares Arnor new upper tees off the left

    And you know what? I've been guilty of it! I have advocated being polite. One could look thru my passed posts and find examples of it. But I'm done now. I've seen the light. These people don't deserve my consideration. They NEED to see my smiling face turn to a distant look of a stranger.
  3. Isn't Diversity Great

    If I lived in the area, I would not be helping in the apprehension of Frein. I don't support what he did, but he clearly did it for reason's he believes are righteous. He may only want to do LE harm, but if I am a person acting in concert with LE, what does that effectively make me? "My...
  4. Ares Arnor new upper tees off the left

    There really is no point in trying to not rock the boat or be nice with libtards. By nature, they want your freedom under their thumb and will circumvent the constitution to do it. Being polite and nice won't stop them from inching in and pushing. Trying to show how reasonable you can be...
  5. Rise and Shine!..Toast, coffee, cereal, and....Tolman??

    If I lived in MA, I would be queasy 24/7 til election day. It feels like it's getting awful down there[thinking]
  6. BBC with Kurdish troops caught in ISIS gunbattle

    Typical NES shoot 2:27 All that's missing is a car only 1/4 of the members are actually hitting
  7. Ruger .357 magnum LCR ouch

    This is exactly what I was going to say The trend in the gun industry to make the smallest, lightest, most powerful handgun is counterintuitive to what you want in a firearm. If you are gonna carry a gun for self defense, you should be ACCURATE with it. How the hell are you supposed to be...
  8. 93 Year old Normandy Paratrooper is making jump

    absolutely love this story
  9. Stand up for "Ammosexual" Rights!

    Upon reading what I wrote, it would appear that I typed without thinking…..much like our name-calling libtards
  10. Stand up for "Ammosexual" Rights!

    This x1000 How is it that it's such a task to defeat these people's illogical mindsets when they don't even realize how retarded they are?
  11. Stand up for "Ammosexual" Rights!

    So THATS what you guys have been doing when you say "We'll meet for FTF transfer in the rest area in Chelmsford"
  12. The Swiss and Guns: Why Switzerland Has the Lowest Crime Rate in the World

    For me, the government ALWAYS provides the ammunition[wink]
  13. Judge Dredd, yes or no?

    Body bag or juve cube…..
  14. Hypothetical of course: You ever forget your wallet?

    Can't! Leaving for Cali at 6am!
  15. Hypothetical of course: You ever forget your wallet?

    I don't always tell people they have something in their teeth. Juss sayin' :)
  16. Hypothetical of course: You ever forget your wallet?

    I have hypothetically crossed state lines with a concealed weapon. There was a hypothetical news story about it in which everyone died. It was a very hypothetical tragedy. I'm still hypothetically sad about it.
  17. NJ Lawmaker Rips Magazine Ban to Shreds

    That was AWESOME!!!! Dat dude……
  18. Ranting of last night

    I'm listening…….. [rofl]
  19. Kel-Tec PMR30

    I held one at Acme Armament. Besides feeling oddly light and cheap, the grip is what unsold me on it: extremely smooth….if your hand sweated at all, that thing would slip and slide all around or at least FEEL like it would. I think it's a great idea, and FAR cheaper than the closest family...
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