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  1. All Armed Americans To Be Detained In FEMA Camps Starting In 2017? (Video)

    I know a few of the local enforcement folks at FEMA here in MA. I can say for sure the local FEMA guys would be standing with us in any sort of situation like this. Their typical response as to whether FEMA would do something like this is, "Hell if I know. All I can say is, we're a federal...
  2. New shotgun law?

    Yes... the wording of the law is contradictory in that regard, as non-semi auto shotguns are not 'large capacity weapons' by statutory definition. Is a fixed magazine on a non-large capacity weapon able to be a large capacity feeding device? Not by any sane interpretation of the law.
  3. New shotgun law?

    That only applies to post-ban semi-auto shotguns that have at least one other 'evil' feature.
  4. Obtaining standing to challenge healey ban in court

    This. Now that you have announced your intentions here on a public forum, filing an FA10 either admits in-state possession or admits filing a false record. Lose, lose.
  5. Healey "closing the loophole" letter to gun dealers

    The thing to keep in mind about a specific phobia diagnosis is that it has to have a few more characteristics that an "irrational/unreasonable fear of an object". It needs to be fear of the immediate presence of the object/situation, the presence of the object/situation must cause acute...
  6. Healey "closing the loophole" letter to gun dealers

    Not exactly a peer reviewed journal article, from a hypnotherapist and a publisher of gun books no less. Unfortunately for them, 'Hoplophobia' as we refer to it does not match the DSM symptoms for a phobia disorder (and if somebody did have an actual phobia to guns, which is entirely possible...
  7. Anybody want a REAL assault weapon?

    No thanks, I remember all the wailing and pitchforks when Bob Collings tried to bring a bunch of tanks to his place in Stow.
  8. Healey "closing the loophole" letter to gun dealers

    Geez, they could at least have done that to a Beretta [laugh]
  9. AWB & the S&W 15-22

    It was pulled out of thin air. Various jurisdictions have tried limitations of 18 round, 15 round, 12 round, 10 round, & 7 round throughout the last 100 years or so. Whatever they thought they could get away with. Here's an interesting law review of the history of magazine bans, if...
  10. AWB & the S&W 15-22

    The term "pistol grip" to generically refer to any pistol butt shaped horizontal grip on a firearm/tool/sword/etc has been in general use since the late 19th century. I think they're on pretty solid ground there, at least in terms of definition.
  11. Healey "closing the loophole" letter to gun dealers

    Well, let's try a test and see if she updates her 'guidance' again... Hey, Maura, still wrong. You're not in CT; rimfire rifles are not exempt in MA. The exempt caliber here in MA is 20mm!
  12. Best big box store for o/u shotgun?

    Yeah, that's what I said too... Now I've also got a Benelli SBE II and still a good bit of snow goose in the freezer. [smile]
  13. AWB & the S&W 15-22

    Except fixed .22 tube magazines such as on your typical lever action rifle.
  14. Best big box store for o/u shotgun?

    Great choice. I've got a White Onyx for sporting clays and not only is it a very pretty gun, it shoulders great, and really knocks them out of the sky. Just be sure to get the Sporting version. Auto safety is annoying on the clays course.
  15. "Where do you store your ammo?"

    See, you've just got the wrong attitude about your tools... I could wax poetic for quite a while about my wrenches. I just picked up a Snap-on 3/8" digital torque wrench with visual and audio "approaching torque setting" warnings. It's a thing of beauty [smile]
  16. "Where do you store your ammo?"

    Our "don't ask, don't tell" arrangement goes both ways [rofl]
  17. "Where do you store your ammo?"

    My wife is not anti-gun, but she doesn't have much interest either. Mostly she doesn't understand why one might need so many. We've agreed upon a "don't ask, don't tell" arrangement that seems to work just fine.
  18. Hank's clothing 15% off

    Contradictio in adjecto [devil]
  19. NEW (8/19) guidance: Get angry my friends

    That's certainly a cautious approach, which never hurts in this state, but I don't see where it would really be a problem for the LEO. The law being broken when a MA dealer sells an assault weapon is C.140 § 123, conditions of a dealer's license. The punishment for it is laid out in C.140 §...
  20. NEW (8/19) guidance: Get angry my friends

    The problem for the AGs office, though, is that they're pushing it to the point now where it's ridiculous. People are going to start simply ignoring her rather than fearing her if she takes it any much farther. Especially if somebody finally steps up and calls her bluff. With this 'dealers...
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