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  1. Got one of my holy grails

    Closest I'm ever going to get to a python is my 4 digit Dan Wesson. 🙁
  2. Shout Out - Green Mountain Rifle Barrel Co

    Got me a GMB for a M16a1 upper and they were awesome to deal with. Haven't fired a shot out of that 1:12 barrel yet, but I'd use them in a heartbeat for other builds.
  3. ATF issues rule change proposal regarding pistol braces

    I joined FPC because they used to smack talk anti's on their twitter.
  4. ATF issues rule change proposal regarding pistol braces

    If your payment didn't get billed it didn't go through. Took me 5 tries to donate to the cause.
  5. ATF issues rule change proposal regarding pistol braces

    Imagine a civil liberties case out of the 50s and 60s going by the same set of rules. "This group over here that's fighting the government, they're more equal than that other group over there that isnt".
  6. ATF issues rule change proposal regarding pistol braces

    More like ddos'd
  7. ATF issues rule change proposal regarding pistol braces

    If I remember correctly their quick guide directly has my gun in it and says it's a SBR. In order to register you need a picture of the setup and I think they're qualifying based on the firearm saying the pistol is a short rifle because of the brace. Originally I was going to just get the...
  8. ATF issues rule change proposal regarding pistol braces

    I'm one of those guys you never see, but my brace is on a legit pistol. There's no way I'm registering my edc as a SBR so I need to tell the ATF when I cross a state line for a f***in handgun. My brace isn't serialized, I'd register that. Why do I own the stupid thing? 99% of the time...
  9. Deals and steals

    I've been slowly building my collection over the years. Started with drill and impact driver with flashlight and Sawzall for 100 bucks with two batteries. Sawzall was great for the Xmas tree, drills have done real well for field assembley and disassembley of tree stands. I picked up...
  10. Deals and steals

    Was out at TJ's/Homegoods yesterday and noticed they had gardening cushions for kneeling that were fairly large for $10. Made with the same stuff some of us have for our tree stand cushions. I know my stand cushion cost me twice as much.
  11. Key goes silent, rest in peace N1JEE

    It is with great sadness that I relay that NJ1EE passed at work on the morning of 22-May. I honestly don't know if any of you knew him, but Rick was a radio lover to his core and could often be found on 6 meter, the Chelmsford repeater, or the FN41 Cape Cod repeater. Rick had a great sense of...
  12. Someone breaks in - Do you yell that you're armed or not?

    I've never been in the situation, but I think the exterior walls of my home are the line between when you get a warning and not.
  13. Sig P320 lawsuit , unintentionally discharging

    On the one hand, if the gun were that safe people would be getting shot at the sig academy and they're not and you'd see more civilians being shot too. On the other hand, the possibility of a problem- and let's not pretend sig hasn't had other manufacturing issues (fires when dropped...
  14. ADVERSARIES! Discuss your opposing firearms here!

    I got a ONG stamped shottie and a college diploma, does that count?
  15. How to introduce a family member to firearms?

    Can leas a horse to water, can't force it to drink. Girls have the right to not want to participate, you should be respecting the decision and not trying to force it on them. Forcing it will only make your life harder and entrench opinions.
  16. SBR and "other" firearm question

    The sbr thing still looming? Haven't heard much motion. Seems dumb that if you own a glock and a roni you need to file a stamp and then tell the ATF every time you cross into another free state.
  17. See? Gun owners are paranoid white guys.

    While I can't say I completely disagree with OP's article, if you go to a class on saving lives and stopping the bleed and only classes on stopping the bleed it will skew your idea of first aid. I think we hyper focus on what to do with those dangerous metal objects and probably not enough...
  18. JetBlue jetblows flying with firearm from BOS

    From Jet BLUE
  19. Lemay trial in Lowell

    Exactly like that. So now you know it wasn't from a 9 and a 380, but maybe 2 9's. The next step would be to compare the casings a'la new jersey style looking at primer strikes and flash form grooves to determine a match against the same chamber.
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