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  1. New Safe going in, need accessory advice

    I stacked 3 hockey pucks glued together in each corner. Drilled thru the pucks for the lag bolts, that bolt it to the floor.
  2. Got Stickers?

    I have stickers on my truck, but the only gun one is an NES one. My work locker on the other hand is covered.
  3. CMP received some surplus ammo set to be on sale soon,

    Carbine ammo is back on E-store.
  4. Evolv security scanner?

    They had these at Gillette at the beginning of the season. Don't know if they kept them all season. My friends walked in with about 15 beers between them, cause it isn't a metal detector. I told my son who was going the next game, and he and his buddies did the same thing.
  5. Maximum time to receive LTC after application

    I had an appointment for my renewal on 2-28 and received my new license in the mail 4-7.
  6. Sandusky Ohio High School Holding Firearms Raffle

    We can also hit up the CMP for an M1 and some ammo.
  7. Veteran gun rights

    I'm the OP and no I hand them to my accountant. Think ya got the wrong guy :D
  8. Veteran gun rights
  9. Anyone got pictures of interesting firearms?

    A SCUD Missile.
  10. Anyone got pictures of interesting firearms?

    Trench Rifles at the Springfield Armory.
  11. Anyone got pictures of interesting firearms?

    The Salvo rifle at Springfield Armory.
  12. MA Cannon license

    I would be interested as well.
  13. Trudeau, 3rd party will take guns.

    Thanks for fixing that.
  14. Trudeau, 3rd party will take guns.

    The scum bag of the Great White North /private/var/folders/vb/dg6bwh310qv5wh9cxfl4dxww0000gn/T/ gov't considering hiring 'third parties' to confiscate guns after 4 provinces refuse - LifeS….webloc
  15. Breaking news. PA police chief dead in shootout

    I know this is near and dear to your heart, some Massachusetts Police chiefs even work road details, in the Boston area.
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