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  1. Pelham Fish & Game Club Land Sale

    I know that's the intended purpose but as I've posted (and others have attested), I've had enough sh*tty occurrences of past BOD members coming up to "inspect" things at Pelham that it's not hard to imagine certain folks, if they had access to the cameras, using them to bust peoples' balls.
  2. Pelham Fish & Game Club Land Sale

    Not that I've ever seen, at least on the ranges. My MA club has cameras and has used them to identify asshats. On the flip side, I don't love being filmed shooting, but like waivers, it's a fairly common practice now.
  3. What is S&W thinking?

    Smith and Wesson is battling Springfield Armory for the cringiest named and marketed products.
  4. Escaped from MA....Question about temp driver's license and gun purchaces in NH

    Welcome, and yes. And my P&R took less than 24 hours from application to receipt.
  5. Pelham Fish & Game Club Land Sale

    I went to Pelham with a lawyer friend once; he signed the waiver and then joked it was about as worthless as the paper it was printed on. They take it very seriously at Pelham, too. As soon as you enter the property it must be done. I know someone that parked at a range first and then walked...
  6. Please id this

    Yeah, it's a chute for finished rounds, but I don't know the press. Doesn't look super different from my Dillon's, but it's different.
  7. M1 Garand Megathread

    $2/round is a bitter pill when I still have past Black Friday-purchased components that can make M2 ball equivalents for about 34 cents per round.
  8. Do GunBroker sellers bid up prices?

    On another milsurp forum I'm on there's a few sellers most won't touch because they have a reputation for shill bidding. Basically, mundane items regularly going for top of the market prices, often driven by users with little to no feedback, etc. But as others have said, don't go into an...
  9. M1 Garand Megathread

    Reloading for my Garands was why I got into reloading to begin with. I reload twelve different cartridges now, no looking back.
  10. M1 Garand Megathread

    Yeah I clicked the link the email just to learn what Rack Plus was, and as @cathouse01 says (and I suspected) it's a Rack Grade with a new CMP stock set. My Match Rifle (which almost deserves air quotes since it's been so long since I did a match) is a Field Grade Special, which is a Field...
  11. MA License Restrictions

    Looks like he's resigned from Woburn PD.
  12. MA License Restrictions

    Century 21 says they fired him once this was brought to their attention and his real estate website is down.
  13. MA License Restrictions

    Unsurprisingly the leftists are calling for all of his cases to be vacated, but I don't see that happening.
  14. MA License Restrictions

    Unsurprisingly, all of his cases are now going to be reviewed:
  15. MA License Restrictions

    I've had similar stuff happen before (you find out someone you were close with/knew was actually a scumbag) and it's never easy. But at the same time, I wouldn't want to get too pessimistic about people, it's a sad way to go through life.
  16. MA License Restrictions

    I believe in innocent until proven otherwise but the evidence looks really overwhelming. What are the chances the white supremacist and Donnelly both had sisters that both got married on the same exact day, among the other evidence? Are you going to tell me two people that look nearly identical...
  17. MA License Restrictions

    Looks like there's a group dedicated to identifying everyone at Charlottesville, and they matched his photo with facial recognition software and then found a bunch of corroborating evidence (like identical dates on his sister's wedding, etc.). Pretty bad that the chief ID'd him as well: Earlier...
  18. Who do you pick?

    I just hope there's no time constraints, the M1 took like 17 years to come to fruition.
  19. Who do you pick?

    Imagine what Browning could do with polymer, CNC machines and 3D printing...
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