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  1. Deals and steals

    Ya lifetime battery replacement if you register them f them and there crap. You know how we feel about registering things. Throw them in a dumpster and went back to milwaukee
  2. What did you do in the reloading room recently?

    Haven't done anything in a long time haven't shot in awhile. Bought 3 650 Dillon setups haven't bolted them down yet. Got to quite working and start shooting
  3. 97 polaris snowmobile

    One is a 97 polaris indy 500 efi two up electric start reverse poly ski skins new agm battery 3590 miles. Picked track. Hand and thumb warmers. Have a set of poly skis for it $1300
  4. Spanking new to reloading:

    If your going to be up the north shore and your hung up on lead hit me up. I have a decent amount. Every once and awhile I come across large amounts. Last was one a friend had 14 ton.
  5. Glock 22 to 9mm Conversion Barrel and mag question

    I have a lone wolf barrel and run combination of 40 and 9 mags. No need to change anything running the lone wolf barrel. Don't know about any other conversion barrels
  6. I am in love...

    No way you can feel dirty that easy
  7. I am in love...

    Dude just swing it like you do your purse and they will pop right out
  8. Lead

    They are both gone the one that though there was 4 tons scrapped it there was12 ton.
  9. Lead

    So I have 2 different friends with tons of lead I have one brick in my truck I'm going to have tested tomorrow more than likely pure one of them has about 2 ton the other has about 4 tons. I have no interest myself I already have a life supply. Let me know if someone is interested in a large...
  10. Glock 21 or 1911 - which one should I buy?

    Broc I don't think either would fit in your purse you might need a belly band or fanny pac of some sort to conceal might want to go stub nose 38 or 380 bg they might fit your hands better any way
  11. Lead bullets in a Glock 34

    Gen 5 is good to go. I shoot powder coat out of others but have bought lone wolf barrels for ones I like more
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