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  1. NH firearms license

    By the way, this statement is ridiculous on its face. Of course fed law impacts FTF sales in NH. Where do you think the prohibition against interstate FTF sale comes from? 18 USC 922. And if you knowingly sell to a prohibited person (fugitive from justice, unlawful user of or addicted to any...
  2. NH firearms license

    Jesus f***ing Christ, do you not read? It specifically says "To whom may an unlicensed person transfer firearms?" Does that sound like interstate sales or an FFL (AKA a Licensee?) Face it, you're wrong and refuse to admit it.
  3. NH firearms license

    By the way, by your logic you lose if you check a guy's P&RL (good for 5 years), and two years ago he comitted a felony. According to you, you're on the hook because there's no exemption for not knowing. Now does that pass the smell test?
  4. NH firearms license

    Really? Pretty common. Ours requires a P&RL or background check (on your dime). Doesn't seem to onerous.
  5. NH firearms license

    Actually, Federal law does say exactly that. See here, and 18 U.S.C 922(d) and 27 CFR 478.32(d). The phasing is specifically "...knowing or having reasonable cause to believe..." So, you know, not just me. Now your turn. You want to cite (not site) something that backs up your position...
  6. NH firearms license

    That's not true. The law says it's legal "as long as he or she does not know or have reasonable cause to believe the person is prohibited from receiving or possessing firearms under Federal law." It doesn't place an affirmative duty to know, or to find out. If I don't have actual knowledge...
  7. NH firearms license

    There's no state law regarding that, either. There's no state prohibition on carrying on school grounds or in a building, and local political entities are prohibited by preemption from enacting any such laws themselves.
  8. NH firearms license

    To be accurate, this restriction is for handguns only, not all firearms.
  9. NH Man Charged With Poaching For Shooting Turkey With 9mm From Car Window

    $870 plus the optic? Holy shit. I'd have to really f***ing like goose meat to spend that kind of money.
  10. NH Man Charged With Poaching For Shooting Turkey With 9mm From Car Window

    Same. SOBs are so close to the front door they're constantly setting off my doorbell camera. They sit on my driveway, and reluctantly move when drive up--like I'm inconveniencing them. 9mm? At my house, more like 9-iron.
  11. Draco Barrel length Lie

    Wait...I'm having trouble with the timeline. You had the Draco already, and you didn't just drop a cleaning rod down the bore to check the barrel length? You didn't discover the actual barrel length until the comp arrived?
  12. ATF eForm 1 mega thread. Process and approvals!

    Regular USPS Priority Mail. Never had an issue. Does a lot of your mail get lost?
  13. Charging LEOs to use Club Range

    I don't think anyone implied they were taking turns...
  14. Charging LEOs to use Club Range

    Holy shit. A2 uppers with gooseneck-mounted Aimpoints. That's HS/LD right 1995.
  15. Charging LEOs to use Club Range

    I don't want this gem to get lost among all the flotsam and jetsam.
  16. Boston globe Mill article

    Bwahahaha. I almost missed this line, and it's so true.
  17. SBR's in MA for dummies (me)

    Be advised: this is the only part of the process that occurs quickly.
  18. SBR's in MA for dummies (me)

    Re: digital fingerprints. 1. National Gun Trusts provides this service. Digital fingerprints are captured at a participating UPS Store and then emailed to you. The .EFT file can then be used eForms. 2. PrintScan provides digital fingerprinting. Find locations here. They'll provide the...
  19. SBR's in MA for dummies (me)

    Couple of other random thoughts (I guess my brain works in fits and spurts): 1. You're only required to submit prints/photos/RPQs for trustees of the trust at the time of application (and prior to approval) for a Form1/4. In other words, if you submit a trust with only one trustee (you), and...
  20. SBR's in MA for dummies (me)

    Couple of things to add: 1. If you go the trust route, you'll have to submit fingerprints/photos/RPQs for each trustee. Depending on the number of trustees, herding those cats can be a hassle. By the same token, a trust still has advantages in the long run. 2. I have always rolled my own...
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