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  1. This was a close one….

    They don't even care there are cameras visible…
  2. This was a close one….

  3. U-Haul attack near White House

    But you get 4 1/2 years in prison for putting your feet up on Pelosi’s desk🤷‍♂️
  4. Non resident shooting in NH

    You’re going to New Hampshire on vacation for a week and you still need to hit the range while you’re there?
  5. Mailing my AR15 from Louisiana to Mass

    Take the gun apart and mail it to yourself in pieces. If it’s in pieces, it’s just parts not a firearm. correct????
  6. H&K's turn to go woke ???

    Sorry off topic: One of the best Avatars ever!!🤣🤣🤣🤣
  7. WATCH: Older Brother Opens Fire When Younger Brother Answers Door

    “This is shocking and it’s clear the victim wasn’t happy to see his brother. Didn’t even invite him in. At first I thought he must have known his visiting brother was unhinged, so I looked into a possible motive. Interesting how one’s perspective changes when you get the backstory. The shooter...
  8. Multiple Shooting Victims Active Shooter Texas Mall

    Shooter was kicked out of the Army for mental health issues🤷‍♂️
  9. Multiple Shooting Victims Active Shooter Texas Mall

    If there’s any manifesto, it’s gonna be released ASAP…. Unlike that “other” Shooter a little while back…
  10. Multiple Shooting Victims Active Shooter Texas Mall

    That wasn’t him I don’t think.
  11. You’re at a mass shooting event armed. What do you do?

    Get out as fast as possible. Too bad the guy in that Tundra didn’t drive over that f***er when he got out shooting tho.. I know it’s easy to say from my living room not being there…..
  12. Multiple Shooting Victims Active Shooter Texas Mall

    He’s got Ak15’s and RPG’s….. View:
  13. Active shooter in Atlanta

    So BoBo already called the police Chief???? Does he call All the police Chiefs in Chicago every weekend????
  14. Active shooter in Atlanta

    Manhunt underway. 1 dead 4 injured. 3 are critical.
  15. Active shooter in Atlanta

    I think every officer in Atlanta is on scene… Man armed with a pistol….
  16. Active shooter in Atlanta

    Guy in hospital shot multiple people…
  17. Active shooter in Atlanta
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