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  1. What are the most fun 22lr rifles

    1897 Marlin. My favorite. My sons loves the Marlin 60.
  2. Cleaned up Savage 1907

    Very nice for being 100 years old!
  3. Paid for the Gun, not the Story. But...

    It must be French. The damage incurred when tossed.
  4. ;) T's

    The Enfields will cost you less.....
  5. It's not easy being a lefty in a MilSurp world...

    I have pocket carried my 1935 Beretta at times. It fits nicely in a Galco leather pocket holster which previously housed a Ruger LCP.
  6. Luger is not even paid off and I'm thinking about the next one...

    I used to own a 1917 Smith. It had the Brazilian crest. I used to shoot it regularly. It did not require moon clips. I always brought along a pencil to eject the spent casings. It was a great gun. I have since sold it.
  7. Chinese Mauser BroomHandles - Rare & Expensive - WHY ?

    I know someone who owns two of these in 45acp and the are consecutive serial numbers.
  8. CT to grandfather mags...kind of

    I'd sell mine too if I thought I could get 1/2 of what is was worth about 5 years ago.
  9. 21 Quincy officers placed on administrative leave for expired gun permits

  10. Where the HELL is the NRA ?

    The next time they call me at dinner time looking for cash, I will instruct them where to find it.
  11. Tokarev 33: Thoughts?

    They are great guns. The surplus ammo is certainly increasing in price.
  12. Hoffmans in CT has 100 AR's for "normal" prices

    Scott Hoffman is now refusing to honor the 14 day wait. Cash & carry only now for this type of gun.
  13. Malloy CT SOTS Speech - All About Gun Bans

    My guess is that the NRA will do nothing for CT except call me at dinner time asking for additional money on top of dues.......

    Underwood made ~500 experimental (hence the "E") carbines. I was told that they destroyed most of them, and gave a select few away to executives. There are very few known survivors. Under twenty? I believe.
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