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  1. Masked teens storm school bus, fire 3 shots at 14-year-old's head, pistol whip him after gun misfires: police

    It's really hard to keep a straight face when a 15 year old screams, "I'm an OG Ganster". Had it happen to me once. I mean, you don't want to laugh, it would impugn his rep and all. Then the mama comes out crying, 'My baby.....MAAAAH BAAAABY, don't hurt my baby'. It's like 'Ma'am, your...
  2. Motorcycle permit.

    Yeah, the 'adding throttle in a turn' saved my butt a few times up in the mountains. The natural reaction is to ease off, or worse, slam off the throttle. I was guilty of it. Easing into a turn the bike just eats into the turn and stays stable. Ease off and you load the 1/4 inch of rubber...
  3. Motorcycle permit.

    I don't know if it was mentioned, but A Twist of the Wrist is a 'racing' book, but the dynamics of 'racing' cross over to street riding quite well. Subtle things like the tires grip better under acceleration. The book goes over how throttle and braking can make differences in how you take...
  4. Boy, 11, Shot in Chest by Mississippi Police Officer After Calling 911 for Help Credits ‘Grace of God’ for Surviving

    Dude, go do a ride along for a DV call. If they are smart, they'll yeet you out the car before they arrive. At least on that type of call, if you aren't 'slightly jittery', you have a circuit open. There's a reason to be nervous on those calls.
  5. Reserve a bodyguard for any situation with App: eBay founder gives nearly $2M to defund police — while funding private security startup

    Body guards ain't going to do jack if they face prosecution for their actions. You better hope that 400 lb guy they always have in a 'crew' runs slower than you.
  6. This at my local gun shop

    I'm guessing the registered fire control group is older than the rest of it?
  7. Someone breaks in - Do you yell that you're armed or not?

    Old habit, long term storage, we stored M4's with the bolt forward and the trigger released. I keep the mags beside the 'pistol', I like having a little bit of 'threat recognition' time and 'wake up' time if it's at night. Maybe not the most tactical plan, but it works for me. I have other...
  8. Someone breaks in - Do you yell that you're armed or not?

    When I pull it back? Which would be relatively quiet. You don't ride the bolt forward unless you like misfires.
  9. Someone breaks in - Do you yell that you're armed or not?

    I keep my 'pistol' bolt forward on an empty chamber. The only sound I'd make is the bolt going forward. If they don't recognize that sound, it's on them.
  10. Amazon Safe works great….NOT

    How about doing what I did, if the kids want to see the gun you pull it out and let them clean it and manipulate it. Tell them if they touch it without my express permission, I'd tan their hides, and I've never spanked my kids. I told my kids if they are bullied to tell their teacher, then...
  11. Moving out of state shipping question

    I guess I get off easy, I've never lived in the same state more than 8 years (in a row), much less same house.
  12. Moving out of state shipping question

    I put guns/ammo in first. Then all the rest of my crap. If they wanted my guns, they'd have to offload the entire truck, 20 ft U-haul stacked to the gills, opening the door was the first trap, if they survived that (stuff leaning against the door I found out later), then they'd have a couple...
  13. Moving out of state shipping question

    I had a box of power tools disappear between AZ and ME. I'm sure guns would be a little harder to disappear, but I wouldn't put it past someone.
  14. Another scary AR15 story

    Yes, you are a nerd, to not only know what I was referencing, but to realize I misspelled it. What I'm saying is there can't be a 'debate' on gun control. Because one side wants to ban them, the end result is taking them. So, you can't 'agree to disagree', because if Pro 2A side wins, you...
  15. Another scary AR15 story

    What? Before I know if there is a need to respond, where is my head not screwed on straight?
  16. Another scary AR15 story

    Hey, I said I had a micro penis in the other thread. But honestly, it's so fun to toss insults on the interwebs. Let me try, I bet you don't have teeth. WoOOOoo, did the insult hurt? Probably not.
  17. Another scary AR15 story

    No. I'm saying STOP FEEDING THE TROLLS. You know they are going to eRmAgAwD aH GeWn. I refuse to give another plank (scientific term). When someone says 'we can agree to disagree', I say, 'no, if you prevail in the argument, 5 dudes are going to die at my door, or my family dies'. 'If you...
  18. Another scary AR15 story

    Look. You can 'respectfully' whatever. The simple damn truth is anytime a gun is presented near anything to do with a school because 'muh rights', the 2A gets a black eye. Period. Those people are giving belts of ammo to the opposition. The opposition gets access to a 24 hour news stream...
  19. Another scary AR15 story

    You want to hurt the 2A movement? Do stupid stuff around anything related to a school with a gun. Dude's a f'ing moron.
  20. How to introduce a family member to firearms?

    Hire someone else to instruct them. My wife doesn't listen to me, and that's me in the red shirt in my picture. Not a word sinks in. If you can get access to somewhere besides a 'range', bring water bottles, balloons, anything that reacts to the bullet. Make it a game. edit: As someone else...
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