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  1. WTS Sig P-365 slide and Romeo 0 Elite Optic

    Location : Billerica Description : Sig P-365 slide ( No Optics Cut) with X-ray night sights. The slide is in excellent condition with under 500 rounds through it. These sell for $250 on Sigs web store. $150. This is a slide only, no barrel or recoil assembly. Sig Romeo Zero lite Red Dot. This...
  2. Lever guns

    I have 3. A Winchester Trapper carbine in 44 mag, A 1948 Marlin 336 Waffle top 30/30 and a Winchester 1894 made in 1901
  3. Medway Officer Draws Gun on Homeowner After Possible B&E Call from Neighbor

    Bikes are commonly used in the commission of B/E. We once had a serial B/E guy who used a mountain bike as his primary mode of transportation while he was “working” He also only did breaks at night and when it was raining hard . When he was finally caught he said the bike was small, quiet...
  4. Compliance modification

    From Mauras website: What if I already own a gun that is a copy or duplicate? If a weapon is a copy or duplicate of one of the models enumerated in the law, it is an Assault Weapon. The Enforcement notice will not be applied to possession, ownership or transfer by an individual gun owner of...
  5. Pistol Red Dots - fully enclosed important?

    On a closed emitter the emitter is contained within the sight, sheltered from the outside elements, A open editor is not the emitter is outside of the sight projecting the dot onto the glass
  6. Gun & ammunition Hoarding
  7. Pistol Mounted Optics

    I believe Romeo 1 pro
  8. Gun & ammunition Hoarding

    Apparently our new attorney general elect plans to place limits on how many guns a person can own in their lifetime as well ammunition: This was taken directly from her web site: Work with the Massachusetts Legislature on measures designed to limit gun and ammunition hoarding, including limits...
  9. Mass State Police Switching From .45 Back To 9mm

    They are running Romeo 1 pro's and night stick lweapon mounted lights
  10. Pistol Mounted Optics

    Salem Ma PD Issue Sig P-320 with red dot, Braintree and Quincy issue pistols with red dots as well, Ma state police are making the switch, first recruit classes out on the streets with red dots. Milton Ma is going red dot. I have taken the MPTC Red Dot instructor class and Sigs red dot...
  11. Milwaukee to dump over 2000 Sig P320s stating safety reasons

    the 365 is a completely different gun compared to the 320. Take the armorers class at sig, they look the same externally but are different internally.
  12. Milwaukee to dump over 2000 Sig P320s stating safety reasons

    I believe Killeen Texas, a 400 man department also got rid of 320's due to several in holster discharges
  13. Looking for a Class 3/NFA shop around Holderness/Ashland NH

    Skips closed for good last year
  14. POF USA ROGUE PISTOL 308 12"

    I have a piston POF 308 that's been reliable, albeit, I have under 200 rounds through the gun.
  15. 21 killed, 18 injured in shooting at elementary school in Uvalde, Texas

    So far the reports I have watched say the first two officers responded to the school for the car crash and engaged the suspect and both officers were subsequently shot by the suspect. lots of conflicting info out there.
  16. Question for those who run red dots on pistols

    I had the same issue when I installed a hollow sun 509T on my Glock 45 MOS. I returned the site to hollow sun and the replacement 509T they shipped me zeroed perfectly at 15 yards on my gun the first site was about 2 1/2 to 3 inches high with the elevation bottomed out
  17. WTB M&P 2.0 45 compact No thumb safety & Free state trigger

    Please delete.
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