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  1. semi auto .22LR pistol recommendation

    This! Steel Challenge approved! Also, my TX22 runs like a top and has a very nice trigger.
  2. SR22 mag inserted backwards, now stuck.

    Apply a greater amount of force in the opposite direction of the original insert.
  3. Searching for a 1911

    This thread delivers,..
  4. semi auto .22LR pistol recommendation

    Get the one that fits your hands and runs reliably. SR22's are for child hands,..
  5. GLOCK buying question

  6. .22 Short?

    Middlesex is a big county. Call Glenns in N. Reading if your local. Ordering online is an option also.
  7. 2023 Harvard steel dates

    The new carts made clean up a breeze! Thanks for a fun match!
  8. Walmart in MA, firearms?

    China told you no! Great first post!
  9. There are two types of range officers.

    "I brought you a coffee,.. I hope you take it like I do,..." gets you in the gate early in both cases.
  10. First 1911

    Very nice indeed!
  11. Laws and carrying to MA islands

    I'll follow the law of Pirates,.. Thank You all the same.
  12. FFL and Transfers

    Why not use an FFL that advertises one for sale in the classifieds?
  13. M&P 15-22. Legal in Mass?

    *There is no law exempting 22lr,..
  14. PSA Dagger upper on a Polymer 80 frame?

    If it's built correctly, there should be no problems.
  15. AR-15 thread... I'll show you mine if you show me yours.

    Offset irons for the win!
  16. ATF Final Rule 2021R-08F - Grace Period (and free stamp) Expiring 5/31

    A wise man will avoid all this crap,.. especially fixed mag lowers,.. lol
  17. Dang, she asked THAT question!

    She's making an exit plan,..
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