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  1. This at my local gun shop

    why would any NES'r visit that shithole, let alone have their photo taken there? id rather get probed anally by a cactus, then be seen at that place...
  2. what town in R.I. will issue non resident ltc

    try RI permit, or go to the RI laws section of the forum
  3. what town in R.I. will issue non resident ltc

    There are a few threads addressing that. Easy to search.
  4. Anyone else PO'd about Target Sports charging tax on memberships?

    it could be a taxable CT thing that they just assume other states collect too.
  5. This ever happen to you?

    Armando is all about cheap rent and trying to turn shitty neighborhood around, hence his new spot opening soon in Roxbury
  6. This ever happen to you?

    stopped at my favorite PVD brewery to grab some cans to go. it's in a shithole side of the city, but the place is awesome. the beer scene if full on covidians, woke BS at this place, as the owners are too. but its great beer, so i still shop there. Anyways, out door seating is chock full...
  7. New Shop Opening Saturday in Sutton, MA - Founding Fathers Tactical and Shooting Supplies

    Just had a buddy send me a FB link for a New Shop across 146 from ( shameless plug) at 176 Worcester providence Turnpike, Sutton, MA. grand opening is this Saturday 10am. they will have some door prizes to be raffled off , meet the staff, etc. Sounds like all those guys who need...
  8. 2023 Turkey Season

    Last week the local toms were all strutting with their hard ons here in oxford
  9. When did the ATF start enforcing jaywalking?

    According to the alledged police report transcript the shooting took place almost a year before. Looks like pure racial profiling by at least the towny, if not both.
  10. **UPDATED - gun replaced**. My Dan Wesson 357 is toast.

    Disappointed again…WTF
  11. PRS Rimfire noob thread

    Been wanting to grab a more accurate bolt gun to try and dabble into this myself. Have a few hot rodded 10/22’s and a savage mk 2 in a chassis. Watching all the reviews for usual players and found this interesting. He shot production class and won that division and finished 2nd overall. I’m...
  12. Ruger 11/22

    Not sure why Ruger hasn’t thought of this. Smart design. They did improve the receiver this year on this Ruger® 10/22® Competition Autoloading Rifle Model 31120 They added a lug at the rear of the receiver, secured to stock with a second bolt behind the trigger guard (just like Kidd did years...
  13. AR-15 Self-Contained Recoil Springs

    Its been a while since you shared a “this broke” post, but this is only a 1 or 2 on the scale and NES has been patiently waiting for a 7+ post…. Come on, you can do better!
  14. What gun have you wanted for a long time but just won't spend the money on?

    My grail is a DW 414 supermag and would complete my supermag collection. Rare as hens teeth and in the 15 years or so I’ve considered it, GB has only had 3-4 come up they sold around $4-$6k.
  15. Do people really win these giveaways?

    i won last fall, same as this months giveaway. i gifted it to my first x wife, under the condition that she never point it at me....
  16. Boston PD not using "ghost gun" to describe P80 builds?

    Alex, i'll take "things the police are usually clueless about" for $1,000.00" don't give them any ideas.....
  17. Sellers/ selling electronic fees and taxes? PayPal, Venmo etc..

    Flea bay sent me my 1099 for $1500 change on some crap i sold last year. Quickly looking at the items selling price, the 1099 has total sale price. Not deducted were all the fees and shipping that they collected. Works out to about $400 and change. Seems to me these 1099 will lessen their tax...
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