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  1. Good day to hit the Range

    Nice shooting The FAST drill is a fun one. Did it the other day, but without the concealment.
  2. H&K's turn to go woke ???

    Freedom can be scary but some rights are worth fighting for. I am willing to subject myself to a fugly boob to protect the rights of a 10 to show her spectacular pair It is a sacrifice I am willing to make to leave a better boob future
  3. H&K's turn to go woke ???

    I rather a hot chick than some tacti-bro trying to impress me with his sleeve tattoo and beard. Telling me how all the operator operating operationally use their coffee, Hey Bro, do forget to subscribe to my insta...
  4. What's your favorite "Go To" firearm for fun at the range?

    This is just a fun gun to shoot, silly accurate and stupid quiet.
  5. Why can't you ship parts to MA from select online retailers?

    Did I complain about MA when I lived there, sure. Did I bitch about companies that didn't want to step in the big pile of shit that MA That is the difference. You understand as I do, that it's their company their rules.
  6. Why can't you ship parts to MA from select online retailers?

    It's only hypocritical if you complain while living on MA. I do pay Federal tax because I choose to be an American. I don't pay MA taxes because I have the choice not to.
  7. Why can't you ship parts to MA from select online retailers?

    It makes me smile that PSA sends $0 to MA in sale tax. Why should they feed the beast that hates them. MA residents are keeping the beast alive with their tax dollar....but always have an excuse ready for why they do.
  8. Why can't you ship parts to MA from select online retailers?

    PSA has done more to get guns in the hands of free Americans than any other firearms company. If you voted like free Americans, then you would get them too. It's not PSA that are the pussy and fags. its MA residents
  9. Glock Failure to feed

    I would get a glock extractor plus plunger and spring first. See if that works. Or you could put a slight bevel in the bottom of the extractor hook and gap where the case rides up
  10. Glock Failure to feed

    The picture makes it look like an issue with the rim sliding under the extractor. I would look there first. Make sure there are no sharp edge on the bottom leading edge of the extractor. Or that the extractor isn't too far over
  11. Any Hellcat fans?

    The hellcat and hellcat pro are the same width
  12. Any Hellcat fans?

    I have the Hellcat Pro. For the money it is a great gun. Carries well, I haven't any issues with it other than it doesn't always lock back because of where the slide lock is. I wouldn't get a thumb safety, no need for it since you still need to pull back the striker with the trigger
  13. Constitutional Carry: Good or Bad for Gun Owners in the Long Run

    In jail= no guns Not in Jail= guns But one gun law I would support is....any politician that votes for any antigun law will lose any tax funded protection by firearms. They can own guns themselves, but I sure as hell don't want to pay for their protection while they strip away mine
  14. Micro / Compact

    I'm a firm believer that every pistol practice should have some accuracy work at 50 yards min. Even if you have to use a big ass target to get your hits. It gets you used to seeing that distance.
  15. Micro / Compact

    You can't tighten your grip if it's already at max.
  16. Micro / Compact

    Mine is influencing the gun as the shot breaks. Sometime it's my wrists on multiple shots on the same target, sometimes it's my eye, when transitioning to another target and the gun follows my eyes before the shot breaks. The grip I use is different for each gun, by that I mean which muscles...
  17. Micro / Compact

    To a factory Glock, the Macro felt better, but the trigger itself has a lot to do with it for me. The glock trigger safety and trigger shape annoys me. The Macro had less mushiness and you don't have to load the striker, so it broke better, plus the trigger shape works better for me. I feel...
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