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  1. Keith Olbermann Calls For "Economic Civil War" To Institute Gun Control

    It looks like the Rona vaccine Is working on him,,,,,
  2. Gun Lobbyist Says Child Shooting Death Stats Would Be Lower 'If You Remove Black Males'

    Well,,ur a white supremecist if ur white, so says the Left, U should have White guilt if ur white so says the Left, Ur homophobic if U think that a trans “female “ that’s still sporting his junk shouldn’t be competing in women’s sports,,,,,so says the Left,,,, All depends on when the Left gets...
  3. Never thought I’d agree with Piers Morgan…

    I still think Piers is still a POS,,,
  4. Looking for a club.

    Keep putting them up and keep shooting,,, anyone questions it just say it doesn’t have a face,,,
  5. Did Hunter Biden's gun problem go away?

    What kind of question is that,,,,, the answer is obvious
  6. Ole Joe explaining why the ar is so scary

    Ole Joe showing how incredibly scary his mental state is,,,,
  7. Mike Krzyzewski: The Desire to Own ‘Automatic Weapon’ Is ‘Disgusting’

    Hey coach,,,, dont care about what ya gotta say soooo STFU
  8. Bob Neumeier dead at 70.

    The Derby ain’t the same without him,,,,
  9. The Latest Scandal With The Secret Service

    .gov= incompetence ,zero accountability
  10. Rayla Campbell (R) for Sec of State

    I don’t think there has been a truly legit election in the state in 70 years,,,
  11. RIP Vietnam Vet, March 3rd.

    RIP God Bless him and his family
  12. Newbie alert

    Grab a copy of Guns n Ammo,,,go to Denly’s ,order a pie and a beer and read up on something interesting,,, I doubt they have Wi-Fi,,,,😂🤣😂
  13. Wedding Gun

    Barrett 50 BMG
  14. Overnight on the ice is there any truth to this,,,?
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