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  1. WTT AR-15 for M1 Carbine Mass Only GONE Please Remove

    I wish to trade a AR-15 for a US Military M1 Carbine a CMP Gun No imports This AR is a Competition Grade Heavy Barrel Made by Bushmaster and has full Weights in the fore stock and Butt Stock it was a special run and has the CMP Logo on the Mag Well I no longer shoot this gun cause i had Mini...
  2. WTS 1873 Trapdoor Saddle Ring Carbine

    I have a 1873 Springfield Saddle Ring Carbine in good condition with an excellent bore i have been thinking about selling this for a long time and the value is going nuts, so if there is a serious Collector out there that is interested and knows what there worth Get back to me I am to old to...
  3. WTS Shooting Jacket size 48 right hand

    I have a Cordura Shooting Jacket size 48 for a right handed shooter in excellent condition it is Blue and white and cost $ from CC selling cause of mini stroke took my right eye, that is a bummer for a shooter, For Sale $100. cash i am in Haverhill Mass
  4. WTS Harper's Ferry Musket 1811 With Bayonet

    I have a Harper's Ferry Musket that most likely saw service in the War of 1812 It is in it's original condition as a Flint Lock, Most were converted to Cap-Lock, Few Got Away, This one is a Shooter, i shoot everything i collect Unfortunately i have had Health Issues that prevent me from...
  5. WTS A life Gear Inversion Table, in Excellent Condition $85.00

    I have a life Gear Inversion Table for sale for $85. New $229. just had a stroke and am being advised against using it, i will miss this, thing it rely works ! Cash and Carry, i live in Bradford/Haverhill Mass If interested PM me, Thanks for looking S.D.
  6. What Club/Range do you belong to?

    Sorry to get back this late but i don't go on the Computer every day BUT I Belong to the Haverhill R&G club and would be happy to show you around and sponsor you BUT i won't be back up north till the middle of April, If you would go on the Club's Web Page and E-Mail the secretary He will give...
  7. Black Powder Barrels for a TC Hawken

    Thank you very much White Feather I appreciate that Info S.D. Thank you Chris M i will give that a Try Also, I am Looking for a G.M.BBL in .54 Cal Thank,s Again S.D.
  8. Black Powder Barrels for a TC Hawken

    Is there anyone here that knows where i can get a Drop-in replacement barrel for a Thompson Center Hawken Rifle ??? Green Mountain used to but No longer does, I would appreciate any info if you have any, Thank's Sheriff Dudley
  9. WTS 10 Foot Jon Boat, Aluminum with Oar's and oar-locks

    I Have a 10 foot aluminum Jon-boat with oar's and Oar-Lock's asking $200. it is in Haverhill Mass
  10. WTS Rubber Boat's 9 Foot 4 Person $75.00Ea

    I have three Rubber 9 Foot Raft's it is a 4 Person 600Lb Cap and is rated for 3.5 HP Motor--- there is no mount these were used once to float down the Saco to a Camp Ground 4 miles SO they are in Like Brand New condition selling them for Half of what we paid $75.00 each OR all Three for...
  11. H&R Mod 12 .22 Rifle Stock

    Is there anyone that bought an Mod 12 from the CMP that would be interested in a Stock that has a But-Hook installed ? i would like to Trade for a stock one--"even Trade" this is great for comp shooting and was used at Camp Perry SD
  12. Professional Skeet throwing Machines For Sale Gun club Skeet fields Shut Down E.P.A.

    For Sale Four Skeet Machines Two are Oscillating and Two are Stationary We would Like to sell them For $400. each or $1.200, for All Four all in great condition They are Winchester Western Model # V1577A Our Club Has Been Shut Down by the E.P.A. because we were to Close to Wet-Lands If...
  13. S/W Victory pilot model holster

    It Was Not Designed for the Larger frame of the 1917 JUST The 1911 / Mod 10-K Frame victory Model Both of those will Snap and be Held Properly S.D.
  14. S/W Victory pilot model holster

    I Believe that cut in the Holster is to allow for the Bulge of the Revolvers Cylinder I used one when i was Stationed in Morocco and carried a Victory Model But i was Told at that time That the Holster was Called A 38/45 Because Pilots and other Personal that used that holster Mostly carried...
  15. WTS Grumman 15 Canoe Trailer Electric Motor Etc:

    I Have a 15 Foot Grumman Aluminum Canoe With Trailer, Paddles, Cushions, Electric Motor, Motor Board, The Trailer has New Lights and wiring,New Wheels and Tires and Wheel Bearings, The Whole Rig is in Like New Condition it is Ready to Go Fishing, I Just Don,t Have the Time To Use it, If...
  16. Triangle Hand guard for AR-15 Vtet Nam Era Style???

    Thanks for the Quick Reply I will check e-bay Appreciate the Info MT
  17. Triangle Hand guard for AR-15 Vtet Nam Era Style???

    Does anyone know if they Make the Original Triangle Hand Guards for the AR-15s ? Like the original ones we had in NAM ?? i Would Appreciate some Info if you guy,s 'have any Web Sites to Check Out Thanks Sheriff Dudley Thanks To All That Replied Someone said E-Bay and I Scored a...
  18. Looking For Springfield 1903-A3 Stock

    I Have one in great shape, PM me and if you have not found one yet and you are not to far away from where i live witch is next to Plaistow NH in Ma Anyway PM Me if there is still an Interest Sheriff Dudley
  19. U.S. Springfield Model 1922 .22 Cal Rifle Question ?

    Doe,s anyone know if there is Another Web site that would have a Globe Front sight for a 1922 Springfield .22 cal Rifle Other than Gun broker,E-Bay Amazon, Gun Parts, or CMP ?? i have tried those with no results I am Looking for the Front Sight that fits in the Dove tail that the Blade fits and...
  20. Yugo M48

    Have you been in Byrons Lately ? Boy that place is always mobbed lot of milsurps a couple of WWI 1911s Winchester M1 Garand a Grease Gun M3A1 with A Couple of 30 Rnd Stick Mag,s in the arsenal Wrapper its a Legal one Semi-auto a Nice K-31 Swiss A Lot of Good Stuff Check him out SD
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