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  1. WTS Browning Hi Power-SOLD

  2. WTS Browning Hi Power-SOLD

  3. An "Unwilling" Gun Purchase

    Why do we need armed security at the RMV? Are the pimple faced 16 year olds coming in for learners permits and licenses that dangerous? I went to register my motorcycle in Plymouth last month and there were three security guards standing around at the entrance. Seems like another waste of tax...
  4. M1 Carbine

    I have a nice Inland with a Rockola barrel that I'm looking to trade for a USGI M1911A1 if you have one. Bob
  5. Looking for an old gun shop

    The shop was called Underwood Arms and the owners name was Vern Underwood. I bought a Winchester Model 94 from him and used to buy ammo there in the early 80's. It closed over 30 years ago, and the owner died about 20 years ago. Other than that I think you will have a hard time in your quest.
  6. M1 Garand Loads

    Just got this message by email from CMP " Dear CMP Family, The CMP advises to not use .30/06 ammunition in M1 Garands, 1903s, and 1903A3s that is loaded beyond 50,000 CUP and has a bullet weight more than 172gr. These rifles are at least 70 years old and were not designed for max loads and...
  7. Torque wrench recommendation please...

    I use this on on my motorcycles;
  8. M1 Carbine--Who is the go-to gunsmith in MA?

    As an owner of two M1 Carbines I am also curious as to what the problem is that you're having with your carbine, and it would be good to know where you live before recommending a gunsmith. Also If you answer the question that Majspud asked, maybe someone could help you and save you some money.
  9. How much are you saving? 9mm

    Same here. 4.7gr BE-86 w/124gr Lead Cone Nose bullet . Super accurate. I just finished off an 8# jug and will be buying more. Also great for 45ACP and .357
  10. A question for those who receive VA Medications in the mail.

    I've been getting my Asthma med mailed to me for the past year and have never received a bill of any kind
  11. Recording shooting data

    I have a Caldwell and use the app. Works great, free download for Apple or Android
  12. Long-Gone Gun Shops of New England

    Bought my first gun from Cline's in 1975. Remington 870, and I still have it!
  13. Naval Aviator Who Survived 6 Years in Hanoi Hilton Dies at 91

    He started off in the Navy as an enlisted sailor towards the end of WWll, then later was commissioned as an officer after graduating from the Naval Academy. After the Hanoi Hilton he stayed in the Navy. I served with him towards the end of his career in the late 80's but never met him. He was a...
  14. Show me your carry

  15. Why are cleaning patch so popular in the U.S.?

    How about some of these...Cost twice as much as normal patches, but they will give you a "tactical advantage" and make you a baddass... [rofl]
  16. Belgian Air Force Needs A Few Replacement F-16's

    Wow I thought only pilots wrecked planes like that. We'll have to pull a couple out of mothballs and send them to our friends in Belgium.
  17. BE-86 and 357 mag

    158gr LSWC over 7.3 gr of BE-86. Very accurate out of my 6" GP100
  18. Another unloaded gun disaster

    Give him a couple Excedrin and he'll be fine
  19. CCI #34 Primers

    Good info, and thanks for the help with primers!
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