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  1. Springfield Armory 1911 DS Prodigy

    @GreenGoblin227 polished all his internals and some other things that didn't cost money just time and said his runs excellent now. Although I think alot of the issues he had were shit ammo related as I had issue with the same ammo in 2 of my pistols also that have never once had an issue.
  2. WTT Sold please delete

    Someone must have a Springfield Prodigy to trade me
  3. WTT Sold please delete

    Lowered Cash price and added new trades. Let's get this a new home
  4. WTT Sold please delete

    Let's make a deal 1900bo and all trades considered
  5. WTT Sold please delete

    Open to optics, guns, ammo, combination of stuff in trade Or will just sell outright $2k bo
  6. WTT Romeo8h for eotech exps / 552

    Looking to trade one of my romeo 8h optics for an eotech. Exps3 is preferred and I can add for it.
  7. WTT Sold please delete

    Sold please delete
  8. WTB Wtb - Scotty Cameron putters and headcovers .... cash or trade for guns/ammo

    Looking for your Scotty Cameron putters and headcovers. Any condition will be considered and depending on model etc we can work something out. I have guns, ammo and accessories that I can trade.
  9. WTS Sold please delete

    Bump with another price reduction and more trades added
  10. WTS Sold please delete

  11. WTB Ruger Precision 22mag and keltec cmr30

    Looking for a ruger precision rimfire in 22 magnum and a keltec cmr30 Ideally would like to trade stuff for them but willing to discuss
  12. WTS Sold please delete

    Up with price drop
  13. What to do with ammo for a caliber you no longer own?

    Sell it, give it away or trade it for a caliber you still have. All of which me and many others here could help you out with.
  14. WTS Romeo8 optic & AR15 cleanout - glock holsters, mags, parts.

    Glock 19 with optic and tlr7 crossbreed reckoning holster with mag holder carried twice $60 Sig Romeo8h $450 Ar pistol buffer tube -$15 Phase 5 bad lever $35 Precision armament m72 brake for an AR10 $60 Luth-ar mb2 stock $40 Tacticon red dot $25 Located in Salisbury MA willing to ship if...
  15. WTT Sig Romeo8h for eotech exps3

    Like title says looking to trade a lightly used romeo8h in black for an eotech exps3 in fde or black. Just in case someone got one of the recent 499 exps3 and decided they didn't love it. These romeo8 are some of my favorite optics.
  16. WTS Sold please delete

  17. Is the SCAR 17 MultiCam cool?

    We used stencils I bought online for those cause I wanted a little pattern and something different then the typical laundry bag on it.
  18. Is the SCAR 17 MultiCam cool?

    It's fun. Me and @SHOCKNAWE have had a couple paint parties.
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