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  1. First pistol need some thoughts

    Of the two I'd also go with the Canik. You really should shoot both or at least get them in your hand before buying though to see how they feel.
  2. School Shooter Defense Protocol Has Changed: Massachusetts Students Told To ATTACK!!!

    Usual liability problem. Kids pick up the spray cause they're bored and start squirting each other cause they're morons. Teachers and school gets sued. I pay for it in my taxes.
  3. Natick Mall Firearms K9

    Then you better have your LTC on you when the police arrive. My understanding.... That will end up being called an ammunition component and falls under the same category as if it were a live round. "Everything is illegal in Massachusetts".
  4. School Shooter Defense Protocol Has Changed: Massachusetts Students Told To ATTACK!!!

    When my kids went through school they did ALICE. In their school they had plans to barricade the door with heavy desks/file cabinets. A couple of kids were stationed on each side of the door, others were told to pick up items to be thrown. I do believe that there as also an evacuate component...
  5. Andover Sportsman's Club

    Know anyone yet?
  6. Lead concerns in backyard range

    Buddy of mine for good or bad has a bunch of large plastic drums filled with sand in front of the berm. I'm guessing he plans on dealing with the barrels some day and replacing them?
  7. Gym carry?

    In the front... So that makes it a tac-sack.
  8. Lost key to gun lock

    You should hold on to them and wait for the trigger lock buyback program.
  9. What Ammo Runs in a S&W 22 Victory

    Mine hates Aguilla. The wax coating on these rounds causes the magazines to feed at a snails pace when 10 rounds are in. You can strip one off by hand and see how slow it is. Load up 8 rounds and there is less drag on the magazines and the problem pretty much went away. This is true for even...
  10. AI may be searching you for guns the next time you go out in public

  11. Is this a machinegun ?

    oof..... gotta read more of the thread next time I comment. Ah well. Great minds.....
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