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  1. Experts warn of increased risk of US terror attacks by rightwing ‘lone wolf’ actors

    Tell me the .gov is going to sabotage the grid without telling me.
  2. Heading to the promised land!

    Depending on how many tags you get, you may not need it past opening weekend.
  3. The Bubba effect

    "200 Amish kids running roughshod in the streets with their horses and buggies..."
  4. Prep of The Day Thread

    Bears gonna get dem pigs
  5. What Not To Do When You Find An Old Grenade

    I've only chucked a few in training. I played outfield in high school, I could chuck those things to the very far end of the of the training pit. I wanted it as far away from me as possible, wall or no wall. [smile]
  6. Got the ok to purchase camper- recommendations.

    I can't offer any insight other than $21K seems like a pretty solid deal on that year/model
  7. Well, post some military pics.

    but was it loud? [rofl]
  8. Marlin 336-30/30 Marlin 336/44 worth

    He is a supporting member so he's not trying to fill his inbox without supporting the site.
  9. 21 killed, 18 injured in shooting at elementary school in Uvalde, Texas

    That is the goal of most politicians, I think there are a handful that are just simply ignorant and follow their emotions.
  10. 21 killed, 18 injured in shooting at elementary school in Uvalde, Texas

    I'll never understand the logic, murderers ignore the laws against murder, yet these pillow biting pussies think these murderers wont murder because they added a bunch of bullshit laws on firearms. Its all so tiresome.
  11. U-Haul attack near White House

    Was the nazi flag a drop piece for the capital police/secret service? This story makes zero sense.
  12. NYT: Here’s What We Can Do Now About Gun Violence

    Gordon Wilson can EABOD. I guarantee he's a pillow biter.
  13. Propaganda is working.

    You need to settle down. I'm starting to wonder if you're a troll
  14. "She Equips Herself" classes

    I haven't trained with her, but I have spoken with her. She's solid.
  15. Gun Owners vs. Gun Nuts

    See ya cuck!
  16. Mass killings rising year after year - yet still no noteworthy legislation taken

    Here is my hot take. If you stop the mentally unstable/insane from getting guns, are they magically not going to kill people now? Nope, they will use something else, probably explosives.
  17. Anyone on NES still cutting AR500

    Kill Dozer?
  18. WaPo. Gun Control is winning.

    Also the WaPo: "We are winning..."
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