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  1. MA Gun Laws

    Yeah I guess so thanks for the info now to find a comfy in the waist holster and maybe a smaller pistol
  2. MA Gun Laws

    Seriously? I did not think that I could conceal leagally without a specific licences to do so (beyond my LTC class a) Sorry to be so ignorant but what are the specifics that qualify as "conceal carry " Does it require a specific holster I believe the open carry holster requires a strap are there...
  3. MA Gun Laws

    Outside the waist band I have a class a LTC the concern would be that if my jacket covered the majority of the holster say in the rain would I no longer be open carrying and be considered concealed carrying which I don't believe is legal
  4. MA Gun Laws

    Not sure if this is the right place but I'll try any way not much of a forum user In mass if you have a LTC and your fire arm is on your hip in an appropriate holster but your jacket covers it up would this be considered a concealed carry or would it fall in line with open carry?
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