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  1. Active Shooter in CO, 10 Dead

    That’s not even close to the truth.
  2. Long time no see

    Good. Now get thy ass over to the meal detecting thread and see what we’ve been finding.
  3. Can you say “Hunter Harrassment?”

    If I were ever to speak like that to an adult my dad would have pummeled me, then my mom would beat what was left of me.
  4. Can you say “Hunter Harrassment?”

    This kid needs a lesson in manners View:
  5. Dallas PO enters wrong apartment, kills occupant

    That was heartbreaking. He’s a better man than most.
  6. WW2 Bringbacks in New England

    I have an Arisaka (with mum) that my father-in-law brought back. He was a Navy medic in some of the nastiest battles in the Pacific Theater . It’s a beater, bent and bruised but very much a family heirloom
  7. An NES Favorite: Wasp Nest Removal Help

    Of all the crazy stuff I’ve read on NES this is one of the terrifying scenarios I can think of. Trapped in a bucket with no quick exit all while being assaulted by one of nature’s biggest a**h***s
  8. ABC's of Guns

    Always Be Carrying?
  9. Cleaned up my gardens of green tomatoes the other day.

    Just slice one in half and touch your tongue to the cut end of the pepper. That will give you an idea how hot they are.
  10. Cleaned up my gardens of green tomatoes the other day.

    I too just brought my reaper plant indoors. As far as how much to use when cooking ? Be careful , I'm a big time chilihead and still find these nearly inedible. I use them but VERY cautiously
  11. West Boylston Vs. Wayne's Weaponry (It NEVER ends!)

    FYI From the I Stand With Wayne FB page. Hey Everyone, unfortunately the battle isn't over. We are forced to head to trial to fight for what is right. For those who don't know Wayne is a local citizen in the town of West Boylston MA, were there are a handful of people trying to take away has...
  12. School Orders Student Who Made Anti-‘Gun Control’ Video to Get Psych Evaluation

    Funny, my son wrote a 10 page research paper on the folly of gun control sophomore year (last year) received an A+. Started a 3 day discussion in class and was ask to present it to his teacher's other AP History classes. All of this in one of the bluest of blue states. No repercussions, no...
  13. Americans Reveal The Terrifying Things They Keep In Their Pockets

    what a bunch of panty wetting children
  14. BREAKING: attack at Bastille Day celebrations

    Impossible. Already there
  15. RB Ginsberg openly admits to wanting to reverse Heller

    Except Trump will never get the chance. Sadly, it's a lock for Clinton
  16. the town of west boylston is unbelievable

    The request for an emergency injunction to shut down the range until the actual trial has been denied.
  17. War Grade Arsenal of Weapons Confiscated at Mosque in Germany

    Does it feel good to throw someone else's Liberty away for them ?
  18. War Grade Arsenal of Weapons Confiscated at Mosque in Germany

    Didn't really get what I was saying huh? IF your place is searched yes those would come into effect, but they need a REASON to search. Being Muslim , as far as I know , isn't probable cause.
  19. War Grade Arsenal of Weapons Confiscated at Mosque in Germany

    Are you saying that they should start searching them? Pretty slippery slope if you ask me
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