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  1. Suggestions for Ar weapon light?

    I have a 4x scope and planned on having the laser for close range
  2. Suggestions for Ar weapon light?

    I planned on it being a general purpose light preferably not over $200
  3. Suggestions for Ar weapon light?

    It would be a general purpose light/laser preferably under $200
  4. Suggestions for Ar weapon light?

    I'd like one with a tape switch and if I can a laser. Any help would be a appreciated.
  5. Shield plus 2.0 trigger (10lbs)

    I'm a new shooter and still working on my trigger control but a 10lb trigger isn't helping and after a while its tiring because I have carpal tunnel or something. Do you have any suggestions to make it around 5-6lbs? Maybe swapping out some parts keeping the stock trigger or should I get a whole...
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    Can I close it or can admins only?
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    Correction it was a serialized lower
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    That's what I planned to do thank you
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    So I'm good to buy a complete AR lower if it's serialized
  11. Anderson Arms Lowers in Palmer

    The Anderson lowers are legal to get in mass?
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    I know not all of them are banned ex (pre ban or 80% lowers)
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    Yes sir
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    Banned in mass as far as I'm aware
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    Maybe they did have a serial number on the lowers the guy kinda confused me. Wouldn't it still be illegal to buy an AR lower with a serial number on it cause their banned?
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    From what I saw it was fully built already so that why I'm confused
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    Why do you think I'm asking in the law forum? I just want some version of a legal ar in mass
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    From a dealer FTF in state
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    A complete lower buffer tube trigger grip everything
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