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  1. Airsoft anyone?

    There’s a saying that has stuck with me my whole life. “Cat luck isn’t dog luck”
  2. What are must haves for a good club?? Considering starting a club.

    I say build up a bunch of outdoor dunes of various lengths, number them like lots, and rent them out (hourly or daily). Make the rules accordingly, but allowing individuals to do their own thing.
  3. Airsoft anyone?

    Looking to get into myself but researching the restrictions in Ma. Hope I can find or create a group in the South Shore that would like to hit some of the spots here from time to time. Airsoft Laws in Massachusetts
  4. Sig P320 lawsuit
  5. 3% added credit card fee

    That’s what they indeed said. I think they said that those institutions who do not handle cash can charge the 3%
  6. 3% added credit card fee

    The matter arose when they gave a lady was giving a bill of $1500 and was charged just shy of $50 because she used a credit card
  7. 3% added credit card fee

    Just a heads up that this was a topic of discussion on the news. Not sure if it applies to the gun shops but they were saying it was illegal for car dealerships to charge it. Only posting so our beloved shops don’t run themselves into any issues regarding the charge.
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