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  1. NH Gun Laws

    The only time "rifle" appears to be referenced in state law is on those hunting reqs (RSA 207). I found this PDF with reference to firearm definitions, but it appears to be specific to the domestic violence/protective order laws. I wonder if the undefined terms like rifle default to federal law...
  2. NH Gun Laws

    I suspect that is what (Almost) was getting at. It has long been believed you were asking for trouble, and could be charged for carrying without a license if you had an unloaded handgun in a holster (pocket, etc.) and a loaded magazine (speed-loader, etc.) in another pocket. I believe that...
  3. NH Gun Laws

    New Hampshire Now Has "Constitutional Carry" (Almost) As of yesterday, we got some clarification from the court on what constitutes a loaded handgun (emphasis mine): Read more here: New Hampshire Now Has ?Constitutional Carry? (Almost) | Pro-Gun New Hampshire Also interesting in the...
  4. AZ - Jose Guerena Shot 60 Times By SWAT Team

    Been a while since Jose got a bump.
  5. Eastern Sports show in Harrisburg banning AR15's

    A friend of mine pointed something out that I found funny, "In a way I'm surprised anyone has AR stuff to sell." Heh.
  6. FL Deputy Threatens to Shoot Concealed Carry Licensee and Arrests Him for Exposure

    Based on the comments looks like this video was from 2009. FL law appears to have been changed in 2011 to allow brief displays of a gun to address these kinds of problems.
  7. P226/P229 .22 conversion owners question??

    I don't recall my P226 conversion magazine being all that loose, it might not be exactly snug but nothing to the point that I would have said offhand "mine is loose too." Mine is a 9mm P226 though, I seem to recall someone saying the .40 cal frames are a little more generous in the magwell...
  8. How to search for same state (NH) classifieds?

    I noticed 3-letter search was enabled, is there any chance the use of this with wildcards should help? Please let me know if you have this working. Thanks!
  9. NH Senate Judiciary CMTE, Votes to kill two good gun bills, and may kill Con Carry

    Not to take away from your letter, but spell check still doesn't like it because it is interim not interm. Note the second I. :)
  10. NH: Constitutional Carry HB536 and Preemption "Campus Carry" HB334, up for vote....

    Ah, thanks for explaining. USNH doesn't come up as an acronym enough for me to recognize it.
  11. How to search for same state (NH) classifieds?

    I worked on this for a while since the original post and haven't made any progress. I'm pretty sure NH is under the (3 letter?) minimum search criteria, and wildcard search is disabled, making it effectively impossible to filter by means of a search. You can sort-of breeze through a forum by...
  12. My turn to "jump over the wall"

    If you are suggesting you will be "a resident of NH on the weekends" as I believe you are, that case is very specifically covered on the 4473. A FFL I have spoken with about (a few years ago) this required some kind of proof of residence...
  13. How to search for same state (NH) classifieds?

    In the previous classified system, it was very easy to setup a saved search for items by state. I found that handy as a non-MA resident to find local items for sale. I've made a few attempts at Advanced Search with "Location NH" in the Classifieds (and sub-forums), but seem to get mixed results...
  14. Classifieds request

    I was just about to post a similar request, it's harder now to find local posts. 90%+ of what's in there is MA. So much so, people just post the town name in the actual listing.
  15. CC without ID?

    That's not a bad idea. Alternatively, you could tape a reduced copy of your license to the holster. It's kind of like people who keep copies of NFA paperwork with their NFA items.
  16. NH non resident permit?

    You could not be more right, I had forgotten this was a thread for non-resident. Thank you for correcting me, it appears I was absolutely wrong.
  17. NH non resident permit?

    Yeah, no real reason to not accept it would be you can't follow a simple set of instructions. I can't believe this discussion continues to come up. Come on guys, it's not that complicated to do it right. Is a CoP going to deny it because you put "all-lawful purpose" even though that's not a...
  18. CC without ID?

    Perhaps you should ask a lawyer, preferably the one you'll call when you need someone to get you out of jail for carrying without a license. The statute says nothing more than you must be licensed, there is not requirement to carry it on your person, have additional ID to back it up, or notify...
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