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  1. Solid Steel / heavy version of Smith wesson 360?

    Seen that, but its DAO. Looking for something with a hammer (like the 360). Not sure if its changeable, but the grips are also quite different/larger For what its worth, im fine going with another brand (taurus/ruger/etc..)
  2. Solid Steel / heavy version of Smith wesson 360?

    Hey- Does anyone know if there is a jframe revolver with the same footprint as the 360, but foregos the scandium/lightweight part to instead be heavier, for better recoil control? Ideally something thats 20+ ounces.
  3. 14.5" barrel, 1.5" brake?

    Would it be legal to have a 14.5 inch barrel with a pinned/welded 1.5 inch brake, making it a 16" inch total 'barrel'? Or would it be a SBR? Thanks
  4. Increasing capacity on preban mag

    If I am the legal owner of a preban 15 round glock magazine, is there any restrictions on increasing its capacity with addons? For instance which of the following (if any) are acceptable?
  5. Modern handguns that have preban mags available?

    I ended up with a Shadow Systems MR920 Elite, which use glock mags.
  6. Modern handguns that have preban mags available?

    What? I know that glocks are on the approved roster, but I thought they werent on the super-secret AG list? When did that happen? Are you saying I can walk into a gun store and get a G19 Gen5? Or that I have to buy it in a face to face transaction with someone who has one already?
  7. Modern handguns that have preban mags available?

    Im moving to MA soon and looking to get ready for the silly MA compliance rules. Currently, I have a p365 xmacro which obviously cant come with me since the gun design itself is very new so all the mags are going to be unique to it and new as well. And it doesnt make much sense to bring a...
  8. Moving to MA in 2022

    Lastly- Is there any way at all to bring a new SBR? Or is it pre-bans only?
  9. Moving to MA in 2022

    To be clear: Does this mean I could go buy a brand new 16 inch AR-15 today in my current state and bring it with me, so long as I pin/weld it? Is there any restrictions at all?
  10. Moving to MA in 2022

    So, I have previously lived in MA 10 years ago and thought I had a good handle on the gun laws, but apparently things changed with a letter from healey. Currently I live in a gun friendly state and want to buy a nice AR/AK and maybe a few pistols and bring them with me to MA. In the past, that...
  11. What to get before moving to MA?

    Im bumping this thread all the way from the death because I am curious if there is any changes for 2022 - Just looking to pick up things that I might miss once I move here. Not looking to sell anything- I just have this weird personality where if I cant have something I end up wanting it more :)...
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