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  1. AG Maura Healey taking questions. What to ask?

    This is the core of the analogy I've been using all along for the DAILY assault on 2A. For bonus points ask how the 19th amendment can possibly be more important than anything in the "ORIGINAL 10" Bill of Rights.
  2. Call Rosenberg , DeLeo today!

    Called both offices. Asked that Rosenberg support SD.2367 and ensure it comes up for a vote THIS session. Asked that DeLeo support HD.4948 and HD.4949 and ensure that both bills are voted on THIS session. Does anyone have the Senate companion bill number for HD.4949?
  3. RALLY - July 23rd - How is it being reported ? - Will it be on the NEWS ?

    CBS/WBZ reported 2000 in attendance on the 6pm news. 3000 was more like it, but the MSM reported about 20% of actual for the Jan 19, 2013 rally following Newtown.
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