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  1. It’s starting, and the Glob is behind it.

    Literally? That must've been a blast 😉
  2. Glock parts kit

    Federal “pound me in the ass” prison most likely 😂
  3. Glock parts kit

    We'll let it go this time. Please be better in the future
  4. Glock parts kit

    If anyone had anything to worry about it would be the dealer not you
  5. How much trouble would I be in? Forgot my license at home.

    Tell him the constitution is your license and to eat a bag of dicks. Or just be polite and tell him you forgot your wallet at home
  6. Tips on getting unrestricted LTC in boston?

    Instructors cert would be my first step. If that doesn't work you may need a lawyer. It's bullshit but it's reality
  7. EFA-10 and vintage firearms with no serial number

    As usual Jack hit the nail on the head right away
  8. EFA-10 and vintage firearms with no serial number

    Is it possible that it isn't working because another gun is already registered as NSN? Try "P80 boat accident"
  9. Massachusetts FID - Questions Regarding Carbines

    But can it physically accept one? That makes it a high cap rifle
  10. Massachusetts FID - Questions Regarding Carbines

    my understanding is that if it can accept a magazine larger than 10 rounds then it's considered a large capacity weapon and would require an LTC. Being prohibited from buying ammuntion is news to me. all that being said, if they're willing to sell it to you....
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