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  1. Shooting calculator question

    When listing data into this online shooting calculator, it has a field for the shooting angle. If I am shooting 3 degrees downhill, should I list it as -3?
  2. Hunting Instructor Wanted

    I took a 2 hour Hunter safety course….. in 1971.
  3. Full on full retard RANT! Spoiler, totally fake.

    key lock = no thanks
  4. How would you refinish a stainless steel revolver?

    If you think a revolver is kind of tricky like a watch, you are sadly mistaken. Any moron can disassemble a revolver…. It’s not rocket science. Even if you get stuck, youtube will offer tons of assembly videos to guide you.
  5. If I go dark, the USPS has me.

  6. If I go dark, the USPS has me.

    Questions I have to ask….. How would a random postal worker know how big something was inside a box? No way…. Hey I can save you money!!! Let’s just rip open your box and take a look!! No way….. It would be a federal crime for a postal worker to open your package. I am not believing any...
  7. [email protected]*&$ in NH Taking Up Guns

    The entire lgbtq community will be responsible for the downfall of the USA as we know it. It will probably take another 25 - 50 years, but it will happen. I simply can’t wrap my head around the idea of these types fighting for their country if it came down to it.
  8. [email protected]*&$ in NH Taking Up Guns

    I want to go back in time when men were men and boys were boys and we didn’t separate them with a crowbar.
  9. Firearms Jobs Western MA

    Back in the 50’s and 60’s, Greenfield was a huge tool manufacturing town. Millers Falls Co (My Grandfather worked their 55 years!), GTD, Bendix, plus all the paper mills in the area. Sadly…. The unions, cheap crap made in China and Japan took their toll and they are all gone.
  10. Firearms Jobs Western MA

    GS Precision is hiring, they have several shops in the area. I have a relative who is a VP there. No drug testing for weed, but for everything else there is. Brattleboro is right over the border and there is another in Keene or someplace near there. They use to have a machinist apprentice...
  11. Firearms Jobs Western MA

    I am from Greenfield and live close by now. I heard they got bought out by a Chinese company, any truth to that rumor?
  12. Please explain Massachusetts Firearms Roster

    Check out an older used Mark ll. A quarter the cost and a better gun without all the “improvements”. They are harder to do a complete deep cleaning, but once you do it, it isn’t that hard. I have always liked the Mark series, they are a great gun for the money.
  13. First batch of reloads - the most expensive ammo I've ever owned!

    Making low power rounds for target shooting is the way to go. More accurate and less stress on the gun. I see people now and then shooting hollow points at a paper target 10 feet away and just shake my head.
  14. Outdoor range/land in MA for sighting in ?

    Fringe benefit of being old….. my club charges $25 per year for seniors!
  15. S&W N frame parts question for the experts

    I recently bought a 1990 N frame 625. I have had a JM 625 so I am pretty familiar with the design, or at least ones made after 2005. When I disassembled the revolver I noticed the bolt block was missing as well as the pin on the trigger assembly that moves the bolt block. The frame does have the...
  16. Olin Schwenger-Sartz, of Heath, to serve 5 years after firing guns at friends

    Heath has some really good deer hunting. I use to work with several people from Heath, they seem to be decent people.
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