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  1. RMV Carry

    At least the RMV is upfront about the job description...From a current posting in Worcester area for RMV clerk. Working Conditions: While performing the duties of this classification, incumbents work indoors within an office setting. The noise level is moderate. Incumbents may be exposed to...
  2. Buying ar parts online

    LOl...Thanks Dakar....Paraphrasing the ole E F Hutton to my own personal ends.... View:
  3. Buying ar parts online

    I hate to be the one..."That Guy" as they say BUT...with a recent sign up, wondering where and who will ship AR parts in to MA based on the post being in MA Laws and not yet being Green I gotta ask,.. "Maura, is that you??" 2 posts and both are definitely neophyte-like in composition...Last...
  4. Belt laws

  5. Name Change question

    Len gave me the same advice a few months ago for a female employee of mine with the same issue who came to me for advice. She followed it and had no problems. Thanks Len!
  6. MA Handgun Compliance Q+A Thread (new)

    Spot on Len! From my interactions as well as first source info from several LEOs, I see them falling into one of two categories...either a super knowledgeable and experienced carrier...or... you would have better results asking my 92 year old grandmother
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