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  1. WTS FREE old single pane windows

    Have 5 that are 18" x 47" high, another 7 or so that are 18" x 35" high. Aluminum frame. Vintage 1964. Free to whoever wants to come pick 'em up in Bedford, MA.
  2. Carrying concealed: question for ladies

    Here, here! I don't get why any guy would use Thunderwear for this same reason.
  3. Adios Amigos!

    ^^This. Enjoy this next chapter of your life.
  4. Who got firearms related xmas gifts?

    Nothing directly for me, but my Xmas gift to the Commonwealth was getting 4 people to take their basic safety class and submit LTC applications. Just doing my part to help feed that beast of a government budget through fees!
  5. WTS wrought iron wine rack

    wrought iron wine rack originally from Pier 1 Imports. Holds 68 bottles. 13.5" deep and about 54" high. I do have a pic, somewhere, just need to find it or take a new one. I'm in Bedford, MA.
  6. Article: Happy Thanksgiving!

    Derek, were those your dinner? Hope everyone in NES had a restful and enjoyable day with their friends and loved ones yesterday.
  7. New crossbreed for the ladies

    I like Crossbreed holsters, and this idea. However I can easily see Mass saying "your purse was on the floor between your feet while you were at such&such restaurant eating. Hence it wasn't under your direct control". [thinking]
  8. GOAL LTC/FID Renewal Delay Survey

    Received shiny new LTC on Saturday, 80 days from appointment with town LO to card in hand. 22 days beyond the expiration date.
  9. pistol applications up signfiicantly in Newton I am lousy with searching here, so apologies in advance if it's a dupe.
  10. GOAL LTC/FID Renewal Delay Survey

    For clarity, I didn't complain to anyone, though I was stalled in my initial attempt to get an appointment, and I did not let that go. The LO in my town told me to follow up with him in 10 weeks, and that's precisely what I did. I'm not saying that 10 weeks (or more, by the time I get it) is...
  11. GOAL LTC/FID Renewal Delay Survey

    I called my local PD today - 10 weeks to the day since I had my appointment - since that's what I was told to do. Very helpful officer told me that my card had been activated by the FRB, which means they just need to print it and mail it to PD. He will then mail to me, I should have it...
  12. GOAL LTC/FID Renewal Delay Survey

    After 2 attempts to get appt w/licensing officer, went in 8/28. He told me to follow up with him in about 10 weeks if I'd not heard anything. Called the CJIS office this week and spoke to a very helpful person who told me it's still pending review with the licensing officer (most likely for...
  13. Murphy and Bloomenthol going after Starbucks

    Can't blame them - it's a place of business, after all, where their primary objective is making money.
  14. Braintree: Anyone live there?

    Mine too. Once upon a time they wouldn't issue at all - anything is a big win from those days.
  15. WTS table & chairs for girls' room

    painted off white with 3 (or 4, if I can find the other one) chairs suitable for girls' room. Good shape, has some stickers and marker marks on the top. Bedford, MA. Asking $40.
  16. WTS overstuffed Ethan Allen sofa

    floral patterned sofa, 88" long by 37" deep. Non smoking, pet free home. Asking $175/BO. Located in Bedford, MA.
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