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  2. LTC question in LITTLETON

    ok so a friend is applying for a ltc. He lives in LITTLETON MA and wants a ALP. I know its a green town but wanted to see if anyone had any expirence in this town. any info would be appriciated...thanks
  3. glock 26 question>>>>>

    I actually found a nib 26 for 700. I had a sig 239 didn't like it at all. To heavy for myself to carry. I think I'm going to pick up 26 for 700
  4. glock 26 or glock 27

    ok so I am choosing between a 26 and 27. i own a s&99 compact 40 now. a little choppy but doesn't really bother me. People keep saying 9mm ammo is cheaper but the ammo price means nothing to me....looking for any feedback comparing the two guns...thanks
  5. glock 26 question>>>>>

    Ok so I was offered to buy a g27 never fired from the Detroit police that is already here in mass for 750. Good deal or not?
  6. glock 26 question>>>>>

    so im set on buying a glock 26... problem being is that i live in mass... the only one i found was brand new for leo..price is steep at 850$ im sure i can find one for less than that it worth it to buy this new one for 850 or wait to find a used one?
  7. Carrying a loaded gun ????

    As replied to me STUPIDITY not like it would have changed how I carry no criminal will allow me to take a moment to chamber a round
  8. Picked up my new ltc in medway no restrictions

    Very excited very very good experience in medway
  9. How long did your LTC-A take in your town???

    Medway applied on oct 30 recieved it Jan 4 no restrictions
  10. Carrying a loaded gun ????

    So someone today asked me if I carry with a round in the chamber and I responded " what's the point in carrying if I don't". He replies that it is illegal to have a round chambered. That's rediculous if you as me. Anyone ever head that before?
  11. Picked up my new ltc in medway no restrictions

    So after renewing my restricted ltc from Boston more than a year before it Was to expired I just recieved it today. No restrictions. That's one more reason to hate living in Boston.
  12. Storing gun in car while at work? gun law?

    he actually took a plea but didnt get charged with the gun charge he was charge with a felony not related to a gun....he wasnt convicted of the felony any chance he will get his ltc back after probation
  13. Storing gun in car while at work? gun law?

    leaving a firearm unattended and another charge unrelated but im sure the unrelated charge was the cause of the firearm violation
  14. Ltc in medway ***UPDATE***

    yes me too
  15. Storing gun in car while at work? gun law?

    a friend of mine was in a store leaving his gun locked and unattended in his glove box and was arrested for neg. of a firearm. needless to say that wasnt the only charge he got BTW he no longer has the right to bear arms
  16. Ltc in medway ***UPDATE***

  17. Detailed steps on how to apply for a license in Boston

    i did the same in boston and just went to the medway police dept. its actuall 6:00pm and he brought me right in. never mind the boston banking hours...only cost 100$ and 20min of time.....GLAD I MOVED AWAY FROM BOSTON
  18. Ltc in medway ***UPDATE***

    just came back home from police station..SGT put it through as a new app and everything was perfect. couldnt be happier with the expirence...nothing like the HELL in BOSTON I went through.....MOVE OUT OF BOSTON WHILE YOU STILL CAN.....thanks for all the posts
  19. Ltc in medway ***UPDATE***

    Anyone have any expirence with getting ALP LTC in medway. Or yet any LTC here. How was the process?
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