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  1. Looking for 102” whip

    Where ar you?I think I have a couple in the garage..
  2. stupid question??????

    Wow. USPS delivered on a holiday. I guess Amazon overrides a lot. My computer Geek just left We were able to dump all the freq's that were loaded. Put in a few locals and IT WORKS fine. Thanks to all for all info and aid. Happy Easter and Passover to all...…… Stash
  3. stupid question??????

    Hi. Cable is due tomorrow, but a holiday so we'll have to see. My computer geek will come over and assist so I hope it'll work out. If not my local pd/fd has another portable. :-) Stash
  4. stupid question??????

    Thanks Len. Like the disable idea if I donate the rig to the local leo/fire if I don't like it as a limited scanner. Stash
  5. stupid question??????

    Thanks. I'll check it out...
  6. stupid question??????

    Morning. How hard is it to program freq's in on a handheld. Going to super glue the PTT so I won't be able to use other than listen. Just plan on putting in about 6 .It is a Beofung?? Thanks
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